How to let the dog learn to use the toilet

How to let the dog learn to use the toilet

How to let the dog learn to use the toilet
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Let the dog learn how to use the toilet not only ensures the cleanliness of the home, but also does not have to worry that the dog will defecate anywhere when he is not at home. For this skill, it is very suitable for office workers who don't have much time to take care of the dog. So how can dogs learn to use the toilet? Let's talk about the simple steps to train dogs to use the toilet.

First of all, we should collect a little dog's urine and put it in the toilet, so that the toilet smells like dog's urine. Some people use newspapers stained with dog's urine, and put the newspapers around the toilet's squat. Dogs generally choose places that smell like dog's urine to' relieve themselves'.

When the dog sniffs the ground in circles, you have to pick it up and put it near the toilet. You have to keep an eye on it and keep it from running around until it's' relieved'. At first, dogs can't use the toilet, so they can only urinate in other places. At this time, instead of punishing dogs, you should praise, encourage, pet and feed them. If you punish it, you won't dare to go to the toilet next time.

When you see a dog urinating, put it near the toilet. This process has to be repeated for a while, otherwise the dog won't learn. The toilet must smell of dog's defecation, otherwise the dog will not defecate there.

The dog knows where to go to the toilet, but he doesn't have to go every time. Sometimes he likes to choose his own place instead of the official designated place to go to the toilet. When he finds that the dog has urinated in the wrong place, you should punish him in time. Don't be too late, or the punishment will be ineffective. The main method of punishment is shouting, but if you see the correct behavior of going to the toilet, you should be rewarded in time.

It takes a certain amount of time to train dogs to use toilets, so we can't be too hasty. If we find that they are wrong, we should correct them in time. If we do well, we should give corresponding rewards, so that we can train our dogs more effectively.