How to deal with dog diarrhea at home

How to deal with dog diarrhea at home


This article will introduce how to treat cat or dog diarrhea at home, and under what circumstances you need to send it to the pet hospital for veterinary treatment.

People who keep pets are very afraid of pet diarrhea. No matter what, it is a troublesome thing. Pet diarrhea at home not only makes the house chaotic, but also breaks the family's daily routine.

1. If the diarrhea is large, frequent or excreted a lot of water

2. If there is a lot of blood in the excrement, the color becomes very dark and dark or like coal tar

3. If the pet is accompanied by vomiting, lethargy, lack of energy or pain

4. If the pet is a young or old animal, or has had some problems that may make the condition worse, such as mild dehydration, etc.

Some items needed:

Antidiarrheal with terracotta and pectin

A syringe (without a needle), or other method to give liquid medicine.

Supplement with some intestinal probiotics (optional)

How to deal with dog diarrhea at home


Next is what you should do:

If your cat or dog has diarrhea without vomiting, then you do not need to fast, if your dog or cat vomits, then you need to fast (no water) for twelve hours,

Encourage your pet to drink plenty of water.

Take some antidiarrheal medicines that contain kaolin and gums, which can absorb excess fluid in the intestines and slow down bowel movements.

About a week or so, give your pet some probiotics to restore the intestinal flora to normal.