Help dogs do insect prevention work in summer.

Help dogs do insect prevention work in summer.

Help dogs do insect prevention work in summer.
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Summer is a season that is easy to breed bugs, so which insects will dogs suffer in summer! Today we introduce several common summer parasites.

1. Tiel

Symptoms: When the dog has been biting the body, or the big red plaques that are sucked on the skin, and even the wound exudes the viscous liquid, it may have been infected with ticks.

The volume of the tick is larger than the flea. Opening the hair of the dog, if a bean -sized and shaped small worm like a spider is adsorbed on the dog's skin, it is likely to be ticks. inflammation.

Improvement method: It is best to ask veterinarians to provide the best way to prevent ticks. The commercially available tights, spray, washing agent, washing agent, long -term removal removal and neck ring, etc. should be used to consult the doctor before using it.

In addition, it is best to shave the hair of the dog for short hair, so that the ticks attached to the body can be completely removed; the dog house must also clean it regularly, and be careful to avoid the dogs from rolling between the grass.

2. Lice

Symptoms: Dogs often scratch the body. The hair and the skin adhere to many white objects like snowflakes, and a large amount of dandruff appears on the back, which can easily cause allergic dermatitis.

Improvement method: Please shave the hair on the dog to provide the best way to control the skin to treat the skin. Spray pesticides in the dog house every two weeks, and temporarily restrict the dog's activities to avoid spreading lice eggs.

3. Tingling

Symptoms: The worm is small, and it is difficult to find the naked eye. Dogs will have extreme itching symptoms, and occasionally wailing when scratching. Tingling usually occurs on the edge of the ears and the elbows of the forelimbs, so most dogs will scratch the ears and the elbow of the forelimb. In addition, ringworm can also infect the human body.

Improvement method: Send them to the hospital as soon as possible for complete treatment. In addition, we must pay attention to preventing various contact infections and isolation treatment of dogs infected with ringworm infection to prevent the scope of infection from expanding.

4. Mosquito

Symptoms: Mosquito bites can not only cause allergic dermatitis, but also cause severe heartworm.

Improvement method: regularly clean up the water -strica container, check whether the screen window door is damaged, maintain a good and clean environment, and prevent mosquito breeding