Don't let the dog get too fat.

Don't let the dog get too fat.

Don't let the dog get too fat.
Golden Mao

Dog's obesity is an increasingly big problem, which may lead to many problems, including heart disease, joint problems, and diabetes. Almost half of the US dogs are obese, especially Big, sausage, Barcelona and Labrado. Before the dog reaches the bottom line of insulin, it can make it lose weight. This may take a year, but it is definitely worth doing this.

Can't even puppies overweight? All dogs must be slim, not obesity. If you can touch the dog's ribs, the ribs are not completely covered by fat, indicating that the dog's weight is normal from the side. waist. When you touch its ribs, you should count the gap between the ribs, and of course you don't need to count the level that can be counted.

One of the main reasons for dogs is to feed the remaining food on the table. Although it is an interesting thing to feed it leftover, there will be serious consequences. One of them is of course to make the dog uncertain who is the leader of this family. The leader was the first meal. If the dog is fed before people eat or eat, the status of the family will become unclear. In addition, the restaurant of the dining table does not necessarily provide the dog with suitable nutrition. For example, many dogs who eat leftovers will poison vitamin A and obtain excessive protein and phosphorus. If you only feed the dogs for leftovers, you can't get sufficient calcium, and you may suffer from thyroid excitement.

To reduce the weight of obese dogs, one way is to still adhere to the original feeding time, but reduce the amount of feeding. But using this method, dogs may increase their complaints. So many owners choose to add large volumes of vegetables to food. You can also choose a dedicated low -calorie food. This food is large, making the dog feel more food. Dogs usually don't like low -calorie foods, but they will eventually eat this kind of food and get used to it slowly.

Another method can also reduce wailing, which is to change it once a day to feed twice a day. Do not leave every day. The overweight dog can feed two small meals, don't give it snacks, but give it a meal. If you really want to give it snacks, use a carrot or an apple instead.

The food of a balanced dog must have at least a quarter of the protein and the heat of the 1600 calories per pound, but if there are not many dogs, the food needs less food. Canned dog foods are generally based on the calories of 500 calories per pound, but if it is used as rectification, it provides calories not exceeding 600 calories per pound. Dry food is 1500 calories per pound, and semi -soft or humid foods are 1350 calories per pound. So if the dog's weight is less than 11 pounds, you need to feed it 4 ounces of dry food every day. More than 22 pounds, feeding 5 ounces, 2250 pounds, feeding 11 ounces, 5575 pounds, feeding 17 ounces, 75 pounds, feeding 3035 ounces of dry food.

However, because each dog's food metabolism level and activity are different, these calculations are not necessarily the most suitable remember. A dog does not have to feed it every day, or even feed once every five days. In addition, sterilization will not cause obesity.

If the dog is just chewing slowly and eating slowly, there is no need to feed the slow chewing process longer than the eating process that swallowed large mouths, so it will increase weight. If obese dogs are picky, it may take a while to adapt to a healthy diet.

Once the dog starts to die, it is necessary to clearly solve its weight. If the obese dog reduces the weight after two weeks, it means that your measure is correct

It should be a regular walk (twice a day), but if the dog is really fat, start not to have too much exercise. For obese dogs, a moderate goal should be twice the critical goal. Although your dog needs to organize, let the dog walk more than let it not have enough exercise.