Dogs lose weight, you need to do this.

Dogs lose weight, you need to do this.

For the current dogs, obesity is no longer a rare thing. Faced with more and more obese dogs, our owner cannot let it go. After all, obesity is still a lot of harm to dogs. Dogs to lose weight are actually like people, "holding your mouth and opening your legs". A reasonable diet and appropriate exercise are the most critical.

Dogs lose weight, you need to do this.
Fat Dog

Change the diet

The common feature of fat dogs is to eat in a large amount. Therefore, we must start with control. If your dog has always eaten dog food, you can reduce the amount of feeding at this time. Initially, you can reduce the dog food by 15%and gradually advance according to the dog's adaptation.

Cancel or change a snack

When you have a difficult dieting struggle and find that the results are not significant, you should consider the problem of snacks. If you want to lose weight thoroughly, it is best to do not prepare any snacks at all, and do not give the dog food for anyone to eat. I really feel distressed that the dogs should be replaced with snacks such as meat, pig skin bite into small pieces of raw carrots or apples. Be sure to limit the amount of snacks, it is best to use snacks as a reward for interactive games with the owner as a dog.

Change the diet structure

Don't let your dogs eat home, especially don't let the dogs take too much carbohydrate and fat. The method of saving is to choose a special dog food for weight loss. The calories of this dog food are low, which provides the vitamins and other nutrients necessary for dogs, and can also make the dog feel full. Losing dog food is very safe, and dogs do not have to endure hunger. So it is a simple and easy weight loss method.

Slow down to eat

Many fat dogs eat very fast, which will always make it feel that they are not full. If you have enough time to lose weight with the dog with patientness, you can give up the appropriate dog food first, and then add the dog food to the salt a little bit to delay the dog's eating time. The simpler way is to buy a slow -food basin, which is a food basin specially prepared for dogs who eat speeding. Eating too fast will not only make the dog gain weight, but also cause the dog to have a danger of stomach torsion.

Walking is useless

For small indoor play dogs with a small amount of exercise, only the time to increase walking can play a role in exercise. For medium and large dogs, walking does not achieve the role of weight loss at all. It is best to allow dogs to run freely. If you lack a running venue, use a dog to bite toys such as toys to fight against dogs.

Adventure and swimming

If there is a courtyard, the dog will be free to explore the courtyard for a while every day. It is best not to let it enter the courtyard at any time, but use it as a mysterious garden, hiding the dog's favorite toys in the courtyard every day, so that the dog is here for treasure hunting games. When the weather is warm, you can take the dog to swim. Swimming is the best weight loss exercise. While consumes calories, the buoyancy of water can also reduce the pressure of the fat dog's weight to the joint.

Sometimes weight loss needs to be slowed down

The rhythm of young dogs to lose weight can be fierce, but elderly dogs and dogs with heart disease need to consider the dog's tolerance when losing weight. Change the diet can make the body too heavy. It is best to consult a pet doctor and then formulate a reasonable weight loss plan.

Weight loss is a process of dual effects of physiological and psychological, as well as dogs. In the process of helping dogs to lose weight, our owner must accompany the left and right, actively encourage and reward the dog appropriately, so that it can make it better to lose weight in a happy and relaxed atmosphere.