Dogs don't have to panic when eating grass

Dogs don't have to panic when eating grass

Dogs don't have to panic when eating grass

Sometimes take the dog to the grass to walk, and when the rope is put on the grass, it can be stabbed. In fact, the dog owner does not have to panic. Look at the following article you know why the dog eats grass. Of course, the grass that has been pesticide still does not need a dog to contact.

First, dogs usually eat grass, why? There are several reasons:

1. Wild dogs such as wolves and fox hunting small animals. These small animals are usually herbivorous animals, so when wild dogs eat these small animals, they also eat a large number of grass in these animals. And plant.

2. It is generally known that dogs will eat certain types of berries and plants.

3. Some dogs are plants that love grass or certain types of plants. Like Migru, they will find it more than the owner first. So why do dogs eat grass? In fact, this is some of them.

2. Vomiting after eating grass: Most of the dogs will vomit after eating grass. Is it because they want to vomit before eating grass, or they vomit because they eat grass. This is like a chicken. Mr. Egg, Mr. Egg Chicken is generally a mystery. However, it seems that some dogs do go to grass when they are uncomfortable.

3. This is the normal behavior of dogs:

Generally speaking, eating grass is a basic and normal behavior of a dog. Unless it ate too much grass, you don't have to worry too much. Dogs are natural instincts. There are two main reasons: one is to cure the disease, because the dog's physique itself has the function of He Chengwei, so the dog does not need to involve vitamin C, but sometimes the dog's function will be invalid. Because of the loss of this function, it is impossible to make vitamin C by themselves, which will reduce the disappearance of them against the virus

Therefore, you will eat grass to supplement vitamin C. In addition, when the dog's body is uncomfortable, you will also find the root of the plant with salicylic acid to eat it. Salicylic acid is also the raw material for our manufacturing aspon. The second one is the second one. The second one. The reason is delicious. Wild dog wolf fox fox will eat some delicious quality fruits, especially low and sweet fruits even if they are not sick.

Most of the dogs who eat grass are not necessarily healthy. Most of them are because dogs only eat instant noodles without nutritional value and indispensable feed.
In order to satisfy the appetite desire Almost all things will swallow the cause: dogs explore the world with their noses and mouths. Cao exudes aroma, has a strong taste, and can be obtained everywhere. Why not taste it? In ancient times, dogs did not have the opportunity to enjoy carefully prepared food, and they must find their targets in the roots of weeds, plants, and stems.
Dogs sometimes like some green foods, just like we occasionally dreaming of fragrant potatoes. Dogs are omnivorous animals, and eating grass is the nutritional needs of dogs. Although dog food has provided comprehensive nutrition, dogs still instinctively like to come to timely grass "salads". Some dogs who rarely eat grass will also chew the grass leaves when they feel uncomfortable. It seems that grass contains some kind of vomiting substance.
Countermeasure: Keep the grass clean.

The grass itself does not hurt the dog, but the dirt or chemicals in the grass are dangerous. If the green grass is extremely green, most of the chemicals are used, and the dog must be avoided. Some veterinaries believe that dogs who love grass need to increase the fiber content in food. It is recommended to feed some vegetables that are mixed with meat.