Do you know the correct way to deworm dogs?

Do you know the correct way to deworm dogs?

Deworming dogs is something every shit shoveling officer has to do. Forgetting to deworm dogs can have big or small consequences. From a small dog, the dog has to endure the torment of parasite bites.

Why deworm a dog?

Because parasites are everywhere in daily life, the environment that dogs come into contact with when they go out to play may contain a lot of parasites.

What are the symptoms of parasite infection in dogs?

I believe that shit shoveling officials already know the importance of deworming dogs. If you don’t know whether your dog is infected with parasites, you might as well take a look at the following symptoms first.

The dog's appetite is good, but the body has not gained weight, but is slightly thinner.

Dogs have loss of appetite, lack of nutrition, developmental delays, and worms found in their feces. This is more common in puppies, and it is very likely that roundworms have been infected from the placenta or milk.

The dog kept scratching a certain position, and the skin also appeared red, swollen, hair loss, and ulceration.

The temperament of the dog has changed greatly, and the dog is often emotionally unstable.

Dogs with these symptoms are often infected with parasites, and they should be checked and dewormed immediately.

Do you know the correct way to deworm dogs?

How to deworm a dog (internally)?

The first dog deworming can be carried out in about 3-6 weeks, once a week for a month, and then only once a month. Pay attention when deworming puppies. If you have just injected the vaccine, it will be delayed by 1

Common internal parasites for dog deworming include roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, heartworms, etc. It is necessary to mainly guard against heartworms, because it is more harmful, and it is transmitted through mosquitoes, and dogs have a higher chance of infection.

How to deworm a dog (outside the body)?

Puppies can be dewormed in vitro around February, once a month.

Common external parasites are fleas and ticks, which live in the grass and woods that dogs love to go to, so there is a high chance that dogs will be infected when they go out to play.

Precautions for dog deworming

When a new dog arrives at home, you must go to the hospital for a check-up, vaccinate the dog and deworm the dog

Healthy dogs should be dewormed once a month, especially those furry children who like to go out. Dogs should not be slack in deworming

There is also a time limit for dog deworming. Do not deworm before and after the vaccine. Puppies should be dewormed after the vaccine.

Finally, I hope that the shit shoveling officers can master the correct dog deworming method, and I also hope that the fur children can grow up healthily~