Diagnosis and treatment of canine demodex

Diagnosis and treatment of canine demodex

Demodex canis parasitic on the skin of dogs, mostly in the blister-like protrusions of the skin. It takes 24 days to complete the life cycle here.

Demodex mites are divided into two major categories: Demodex follicle and Demodex sebum.

I. Case introduction

Sick dog, Chinese pastoral dog, 1 year old, female, weight 4kg, red rash on the neck and inner forelimbs began to appear three months ago, the owner did not care, recently the whole body is red and swollen, hair loss (see Figure 2), around the eyes, chest

Figure 1 Hair removal around the eyes, large areas of red and swollen skin

Diagnosis and treatment of canine demodex

Figure 2 Large areas of skin on the neck and chest are depilated, flushed, and red rashes are common

Figure 3 Hair loss on the chest and inner forelimbs, skin flushing, rashes

Figure 4 Hair loss on both sides of the abdomen and the inner side of the hind limbs, and a large area of ​​erythema

2. Diagnosis

Comprehensive judgment based on medical history investigation and clinical examination-body surface skin symptoms, as well as the results of skin scraping objective microscopy (see Figure 5).

Figure 5 Microscopic examination of a large number of Demodex mites on skin scrapes

Figure 6 The morphological structure of Demodex can be clearly seen under the high magnification microscope

3. Treatment

The principle of treatment is to treat mites and bacteria simultaneously.

IV. Prevention

There are no specific preventive measures for this disease.