Choose proper nutrition for pets.

Choose proper nutrition for pets.

Choose proper nutrition for pets.

Pet dog

There is only one nutritional standard for a dog;

There is only one nutritional standard for a dog at any one physiological stage;

When a dog is young, adult or old, nutritional standards are completely different;

Dear pet lovers, can you agree with this point of view? Indeed, we have learned that different types of dogs require different nutritional standards, such as: small dogs, medium dogs or large dogs; even different breeds

Choose the right food for your puppy

First of all, congratulations on becoming a puppy owner.

This period will be a very special one for both you and your puppy.

The most basic nutritional requirements for all puppies are: precise nutrition, adequate play time and unlimited love.

Growing puppies can only ensure their health if they meet the precise and necessary nutritional elements.

Precision Nutrition for Weaning Puppies

The specific point of weaning puppies is 42 days to 5 months of age.

The puppy has changed from being dependent on the mother to being completely independent. At this time, the growth of various tissues and organs of the pet's body, as well as the operation and performance of the body's functions, must take in a large amount of high-quality protein, sufficient amounts of vitamins, and

During the whole process from 42 days to 5 months of age, the growth ability of each part of the body of the weaning puppies is uneven. Generally speaking, the body weight increases before the age of 3 months, and the body length increases before the age of 5 months.

The special physiological stage of weaning puppies is a very special and important physiological stage because of the transition from completely dependent on the bitch to the stage of independent living, and it is an important process for pets to grow healthily and even survive normally.

At the same time, this stage is the vigorous stage of the body's initial growth, which has higher requirements on bone growth, bone health, and body development. It not only requires sufficient calcium, but also pays special attention to the relationship between calcium and phosphorus.

Choose the right food for your adult dog

With the increasing number of pet lovers and the rapid improvement of pet medical treatment and pet feeding technology, today, the life span of dogs around us is continuously extending, and more and more pet dogs are entering the adult stage. According to survey statistics, China

For adult pet dogs, the required nutritional standards pay more attention to the optimal balance of nutrition and energy, the reasonable ratio of minerals and vitamins, the proper supply of fat, and the necessary amount of exercise every day.

Because of the limitations of the environment we live in, more and more adult dogs are staying at home, and there is no rich time and venue for them to exercise, so they have become "house dogs" who lack exercise.

Choose the right food for your senior dog

For the majority of pet lovers, it should be noted that a dog's physical fitness level and daily activity level are inversely proportional to age.

When pet dogs enter the stage of old age, calcium loss is serious, joint stiffness and aging, osteoporosis, and adequate calcium supplementation in food nutrition is very necessary.

Choose the right food for your working dog

In reality, there are still many pet lovers who choose to feed some working dogs or hunting dogs and sports dogs.

Accurate nutrition ratio achieves a healthy and happy life for pets

It is not a long life for pets. In different physiological stages, providing accurate and good nutrition is the most important. Today's various commercial pet foods are under the guidance of professional pet nutritionists, completely according to the growth of pets

With the development and progress of pet food nutrition, most veterinarians and animal nutritionists have determined that leftovers are not food for pets, and "table food" generally has nutritional imbalances.

Carefully choose food for your pet, adopt precise nutritional standards for each growth stage, and provide pets with sufficient drinking water, which can not only bring health to pets, but healthy pets can also bring you a happy life and a longer life.