Causes and treatment of beagle dog vomiting

Causes and treatment of beagle dog vomiting

Causes and treatment of beagle dog vomiting
Big dog (detail introduction)

Clinical studies have found that there are several causes of vomiting of Big dogs, and the consequences of vomiting caused by different causes are different. Of course, when pet dogs are vomiting, what is caused by the owner should be roughly judged, and then timely treatment and treatment are given in time to ensure that the Big dog is healthy.

The first cause of vomiting of Big dog:

Sometimes Big dog is a "food", and has a greedy desire for food. However, because the dog does not know how to chew slowly at all, the consequences of the wolf gobbling must be that the stomach is not digested. To this end, vomiting will occur after the Big dog eats things.

However, this situation does not have to worry too much. In this case, Big dog vomit is mostly food that has just been eaten, and the dogs will eat these foods after vomiting (if you don't want the dog to eat, Then you must deal with it as soon as possible.) After a few hours, after the Big dog completely digested these foods, there would be no problem. Or you can eat some pills that help gastrointestinal digestion to help its gastrointestinal digestion.

The second reason for vomiting of Big dogs:

After the vomiting of the Big dog, to determine the cause, you should first observe the dog's vomit. If the vomit is yellow water with bubbles and has a smell of smell, then this is mostly caused by gastritis. For such a Big dog, you should stop eating and observe immediately, and you can supply an appropriate amount of drinking water. Gastritis is not a minor illness. Parents should also take Big dogs to the hospital in a timely manner.

The third cause of vomiting of Big dog

When the Big dog accidentally holds the fishbone and chicken bone head, there will also be vomiting. At this time, the Big dog will be uncomfortable. Grab the mouth and teeth with your claws and will vomit. If the Big dog is really unfortunately held by the fishbone and chicken bones, parents should not just reach out to the dog's mouth to pull the stab, or the Big dog should be sent to the hospital, and the veterinarian can help. At the same time, it is necessary to thoroughly check to see if the throat and stomach of the Big dog are stabbed by fishbone and chicken bones, and then professional treatment is performed.

It is worth noting that, in addition to the above reasons, the vomiting of Big dogs, canine plague, rabies, food poisoning, etc., will cause dogs to vomit. As the owner, if the dog also has other abnormalities in addition to vomiting, such as epilepsy, pus, snot, vomiting blood, vomiting white foam, and bite crazy, parents must control the dog in time, and then send it. Go to the hospital for treatment, do not delay the time of treatment for no reason, causing the consequences of unavailable.