Can the ten-day observation method really be used to judge rabies?

Can the ten-day observation method really be used to judge rabies?

Can the ten-day observation method really be used to judge rabies?
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The 10th observation method is a method for judging rabies recommended by the World Health Organization. It refers to the injection of rabies vaccine as soon as possible after being bitten by a cat, dog and other animals. If you die, you can determine that the biting person is not infected with rabies. However, in China, almost no one will use this method to prevent rabies. The main reason is the following:

1. Can't observe the bite animal

Many people are bitten by strange dogs or cats, so it is almost impossible to observe whether these animals will develop within ten days. Because rabies have a mortality rate as high as 100%, many people prefer to go more and do more. A few stitches.

2. Low the immune rate of cats and dogs

Chinese dogs and cats have a low immune rate. If any problems occur during the observation period, everyone is unwilling to see it. In addition, if the 10 -day observation method is used, who can bear this responsibility after the observation period?

Three, human psychological effects

Some people continue to worry even after the vaccine, and even suffer from "fear of madness", so they will not continue to inject the vaccine because of animals within ten days.

So, is the 10 -day observation law completely unreasonable in China? Of course not, when the following situations occur, you can use the ten -day observation method to prevent rabies.

First, if you are bitten by a dog or cat, and they have immunized rabies vaccines, then as long as the animal has no rabies symptoms within 10 days, I hope that the bite people who do not go to the hospital for treatment can stop treatment.

Second, because rabies vaccine should be injected 4-5 times, then the bite can be used to determine whether to continue treatment in the vaccine injection gap. If the animal that bite can not be infected with rabies within 10 days, you can choose to terminate treatment.