Analysis of several causes of bad breath in dogs

Analysis of several causes of bad breath in dogs

Analysis of several causes of bad breath in dogs

Stomach breath will be caused by multiple reasons. It is necessary to determine what it is caused by the right treatment.

1. Change tooth changes: Dogs will change teeth when it grows to 5 months. During this period, the dog's gums will be traumatized and accompanied by different degrees of periodontitis (red gums are red, and there are thick liquid in the altitude). The best treatment is to brush their teeth for puppies every day, use the deodorizing water dedicated to dogs, and feed some deodorized biscuits.

2. Fire: hot weather, drinking less water, and eating too much meat. Eat some light foods to reduce the direct sunlight during the day, drink plenty of water

3. Mouth inflammation: divided into two types: primary and secondary. Due to trauma and overheated foods caused by burns, primary oralitis is caused by primary oral inflammation; due to pharyngitis, dental disease, or some infectious disease pathology, secondary oralitis is caused.

The main symptoms are: increased temperature in the oral cavity, flushing of oral mucosa, congestion, swelling, and pain when chewing. Severe blisters, necrosis and ulcers occur, stench with a sophisticated mouth, and enlarged lymph nodes.

Treatment method: 1%salt water or 0.1%potassium permanganate solution flushing the mouth. For example, oral mucosa ulcers can apply iodine glycerin (5%iodine: 1: 9), live fluorosylson ointment, moldmium ointment or 2%dragon purple solution. If systemic symptoms occur, you need to cooperate with antibiotics.

4. Lipytitis: It is mainly caused by the dog bite or bite the infection, but also the spread of oral and dental disease.

The main symptoms are: scratching, rubbing lips, drooling, poor appetite, and hair removal on the mouth.

Treatment method: Remove the secretions of the affected area and wash the affected area with a 0.1%potassium permanganate solution. When there is a bacterial infection, antibiotic ointment can be used locally and antibiotics are taken orally or injected. Those who have severe skin defects also need surgical sutures.

5. Big tastitis: divided into two types: primary and secondary. Due to the continuous stimulation of trauma and foreign bodies in the oral cavity, gingivitis, incomplete, burn, accidental food or accidental drinking of poisonous and surgical errors, etc. It is primary tunteritis; the hook -end spiral disease, herpes virus infection, etc. can cause secondary tunteritis.

The main symptoms are: drooling, eating, chewing and swallowing abnormalities, abnormal oral odor, redness and pain on the surface of the tongue, and forming ulcers or paralysis.

Treatment method: Use compound borax dissolved liquid spray, or use 1%saline and 0.1%potassium permanganate solution to rinse the mouth. The affected area is rubbed iodine or 2%dragon gangsia. While the vitamin A, C and composite vitamin B are invested in vitamin A, C, and composite vitamin B. When there is a raw insect infection, it is cast to the Divencies 60 mg/kg of weight, twice a day for 5 days in a row.