【 Medical Guide 】 Treatment of Parvovirus in Dogs

【 Medical Guide 】 Treatment of Parvovirus in Dogs

It is best not to take a bath without injection of the vaccine

Infectious diseases have always been the number one killer that threatens dog life. Almost about 80%of the deaths of new dogs are caused by infectious diseases. As one of the three major infectious diseases of dogs, the small virus will have a great impact on the health of the dog, and the mortality rate is quite high, but it does not mean that the dog suffers from small. There is a big chance for treatment.

I. Priff pets: puppies without injection vaccine

2. Symptoms of diseases: In the early stage of onset, small symptoms are no different from ordinary colds. Dogs may have poor mental and appetite, and may have runny nose and other phenomena, so it is very easy to be ignored by the owner. By the midterm of dogs, vomiting and diarrhea will occur, and generally dogs have no appetite. In the later period of severe cases, dogs may have high fever, severe diarrhea, and even severe cases such as blood spraying, and have a strong smell in the feces. The dog's spirit is sluggish, unwilling to walk around, and breathe heavy.

【 Medical Guide 】 Treatment of Parvovirus in Dogs
The dog will have blood spraying in the later stage of the disease

Three, first aid measures: It is definitely not recommended for the small virus to take the medicine. If the symptoms of the dog are not very serious and can eat it, then the injection is solved. But if the dog has not eaten for a long time, then you need to infusion for it to supplement energy. After the infusion is infused, it will be used with interferon, antibodies, and composite vitamin B to perform injections. Don't feel that you can deal with the disease, but delay the timing of the dog's treatment.

Fourth, recovery period maintenance: If the dog lives lucky, then we must maintain your dog well during the recovery period. First of all, you must pay attention to the dogs. The intestine has a lot of damage, so the dog's intestine is still relatively fragile, so the feeding food should not be too hard. Therefore, we can soak the dog food before feeding the dog. If the weather is colder than the home, we must pay attention to keeping the dog warm. At this time, we cannot let the dog catch a cold. During this time, dogs may be stinky because they did not take a bath, but there is no way. Do not help the dog bath.

During the dog treatment, the owner is best to accompany the dog


1. Generally, the cause of puppies is usually because the owner takes it home and takes a bath for him, which will catch a cold. Therefore, it is best not to take a shower before the dog is not injected with vaccine.

2. Dogs live in a strange environment. It is easy to cause stress reactions, so after just picking up the dog, let the dog adapt to a period of time.

3. Feed the dogs in an appropriate amount for dogs. Excessive feeding can cause dogs' discomfort, resulting in a decline in physical fitness and being susceptible to virus invasion.

4. During the treatment of dogs, it is best to accompany the dog during the treatment. There are surveys that the cure rate that the owner often accompanies the dog is higher than the dogs who stay in the hospital alone.