Why do Beijing dogs like to bite?

Why do Beijing dogs like to bite?

Many parents who keep Beijing-Pak dogs are puzzled. When their Beijing-Pak dogs are full, they will bite at home, even their clothes and furniture.

Why do Beijing dogs like to bite?
Jingba Dog (details)

Actually, Jingba dogs bite things for their own reasons, and there are also solutions. Because pet dogs are domesticated from wild dogs, they retain the living habits of some wild dogs and wolves. Wild dogs that live in nature need to hunt their own prey. After hunting for food, they usually eat the meat of the prey first, and then take the bones back to the cave to bite.

Why do young Jingba dogs prefer to bite? Actually, this is a necessary stage for their growth. Puppies change their teeth during three to four months. During this time, puppies' teeth are very itchy, and they can't find a better way to relieve itching except biting.

In fact, the solution to the problem of Beijing Ba dog biting is very simple. Give it a dog bone, which is its favorite gift. Nowadays, the dog bones sold generally have the fragrance that Beijing dogs like. With it, Beijing dogs definitely don't like stinking shoes and hard-to-chew furniture.

Biting bones is very important for Beijing Ba dogs, which is one of the reasons why they love cleanliness. Because biting bones can remove calculus from teeth and prevent periodontal disease. In addition, by biting bones, you can train the bite force of your mouth, help kill prey, and absorb enough calcium to keep fit.

Of course, if you are still a little uneasy when you go out to work, you'd better put it in a safe place where you can't touch furniture and shoes, and then put down the dog's bones to play with it. According to experts, the desire of Jingba dogs to bite furniture and shoes will be relatively weakened when they become adults.