When buying schnauzer, how to identify which dog farm or pet shop is good?

When buying schnauzer, how to identify which dog farm or pet shop is good?

How to choose a Schnauzer dog at a dog farm or pet store?

When buying schnauzer, how to identify which dog farm or pet shop is good?


I believe that many dog ​​owners have some murmurs when buying Schnauzer puppies.

There are so many advertisements selling dogs, and there are many pet stores on the road. Which one should I go to to buy Schnauzer dogs?

Don't worry, Boqi.com will introduce you how to buy a small schnauzer at a pet store or a dog farm.

1. First of all, you must visit the door to see it in person, and don't believe too much in advertisements.

If you believe too much in advertisements or phone calls, it will be too late to cry.

Moreover, it is recommended that dog owners must learn more about the characteristics of purebred Schnauzers before choosing a Schnauzer, in order to prevent dog sellers from shoddy, and take some ordinary puppies to pretend to be purebred dogs.

2. What kind of food do Schnauzer dogs eat? A dog farm that is formally and scientifically managed must be fed with special dog food.

Moreover, dogs who have grown up eating dog food and have been trained to refuse food will not easily eat dog food delivered by strangers, which will make the poisoner have nothing to do with them.

Because of eating this kind of food all the time, the starch and fat content is too high, and the calcium and trace elements are deficient.

In addition, due to production and preservation reasons, dogs who eat this food are more likely to suffer from digestive tract diseases.

Because of their long-term cannibalism, they are unlikely to receive antifeedant training, so they will not refuse food given to strangers.

3. Observe whether the environment of the dog farm or kennel is clean and hygienic.

Then it must not have a good hygienic habit, and it will be difficult to train it to defecate outdoors after arriving in a new family.

If there is odor, in addition to the reasons for uncleanness, it is also likely to be caused by sick dogs (the odor of sick dogs usually cannot be removed).

Fourth, be sure to talk to the dog seller: When buying a Schnauzer puppies, don't forget to pay attention to the conversation and conversation of the breeder and the seller.

For example, a person who only advocates "raising a dog to make a fortune" is unlikely to have a serious dog-raising attitude and sense of responsibility, because the ultimate goal of such a person is to make money, and he is full of money first.

Pay attention to whether their introduction is objective and detailed when talking; whether they can answer questions patiently, whether they have enough professional knowledge; in addition to recommending buying a dog, whether there will be guiding suggestions and knowledgeable