What's with Samoyed's tears? How to treat Samoyed's tears

What's with Samoyed's tears? How to treat Samoyed's tears

What's with Samoyed's tears? How to treat Samoyed's tears
Samoyed dog (detail introduction)

What is the tear marks of Samoyed? How to treat Samoyed Tears

Seeing some friends who raised Samoyed asked, "There are tears in the corners of the eyes of the Samoyed dog, and it is more serious. Can this tear marks be dealt with?

How to prevent Samoyed tears from happening again in the future? "".

Here is a way to introduce Samoyed's tear marks, and the method of treating Samoyed tears.

First, the weather causes the weather in the north of Samoye's tears in the northern weather and more dust.

The fine dust particles have long stimulated the eyelids and eye mucosa of Samoyed dogs, which can also make the dog often cry or even become a trachoma.

If this is formed, Samoyed tears are the best treatment. Use a physiological saline cotton ball to clean the corners of the eyes at least once a week, and use chlorampolin eye drops to drip 2 or 3 drops from the corner of the eye for Samoyed dogs, and gently pinch the eyelids to make the potion evenly distributed in the eyes.

2. Inflammation causes the Samoyed Dog to form tear trace Samoyed, and there will be tear marks.

Tears originated from eye inflammation caused by external stimuli. If Samoyed had inflammation, it showed tears, the corners of the eyes became thicker and slightly swollen, and the eyes of the eyes increased. The hair outside the corner of the eyes became coffee or dark brown.

In addition to 2-3 times with chlorampolin eye drops daily, vitamin B6 should also be added to the food (can also be taken directly, 2 to 3 tablets per day), which helps promote the recovery of the mucous membrane. Eye feces are particularly serious. You must adjust the food structure and strive to be light and fresh. You can use erythromycin eye ointment every night to apply the corner of the eye before going to bed.

Third, genetic factors lead to tears in Samoyed tears. Samoyed tears are also related to genetic.

Dogs with tear marks should pay attention to the ventilation of the room. If the local tap water is hard, it is best to drink pure water. If this is the reason that Samoyed is always crying, tears are not easy to eliminate.

4. The high salt content in the food causes the dog food with tears and tears in Samoyed to have high salt content and large oily.

Therefore, when you buy, you can rub the granules of the dog food with your hands, and the oil content of less oil on your hand is low.

When I smell dog food, the smaller fragrance is that the fragrance is relatively small. Then look at the explanation of the dog food packaging. The simpler the ingredients, the better. Of course, some parents gave Samoye's self -made food and almost did not put salt, but Samoyed dogs still had tears.

Among them, oily is one aspect. Another reason is that the semi -finished ingredients in the food are high in salt. Therefore, it should be used for half an hour before processing cold water before processing, and the processing food should be as little as possible or very irritating.

After treatment according to the above method, if there is still obvious tears in Samoyed during a period of time, you can cut off the partial discolored hair of the corner of the eye, and the new hair growing again will become lighter.