What problems should pug dog diarrhea pay attention to?

What problems should pug dog diarrhea pay attention to?

Diminity can be divided into disease and non -disease nature

Both puppies or adult dogs are easier to see such as dilute diarrhea. The cause of this situation is more diverse, so it is difficult to judge what the factors are generated by this phenomenon. When the Bagu (details introduce), it is best to pay attention to whether the dog has any other bad conditions, combined with these symptoms to make preliminary judgments.

The cause of diarrhea and soft stools in young Bay can be divided into disease and non -disease factors. If the dog's vaccine work has not yet been completed, the dog will have the problem of continuous diarrhea. It is best to test whether it is caused by infectious diseases to prevent it.

1. Infectious diseases

Viral infectious diseases that cause diarrhea include small dogs and canine crown. Many sellers say that dogs have injected once vaccines, but we don't know whether to injection. In addition, the large number of viruses in the body have a incubation period, and the vaccine during the incubation period is likely to fail to protect. Therefore, the owner took the newly bought Bagu home for a week, and it was best to go to the hospital to strengthen immunity. It should also be noted that many sellers will deliberately say that the dog's age is greater. The actual age is much smaller, so if the dog has been raised for a short period of time, it is not a problem.

2. Parasitic infection

The infection of parasites in the body is also an important factor in the problem of gastrointestinal problems in the Bagu dog, which causes soft stool. Dogs that have not been repeatedly considers are the first to consider the digestive tract parasites such as balls, tapeworms, and trichomonas. Parasites will not only absorb the nutrition of dogs, occupy the digestive tract space, and cause indigestion, but also scratch every various organs in the body, which is very harmful, so it is necessary to repeat the timely deworming.

3. Other diseases

Gastitis, abnormal pancreatic dysfunction, and abnormal thyroid dysfunction may also attract attention, but these diseases usually show other symptoms other than diarrhea. Do not use the medicine blindly.

In addition to disease factors, there are many other conditions that can cause dogs to diarrhea:

1. The method of changing dog food is incorrect, so that the dog's intestine is not adapted to and there will be a problem of dilute.

2. Digestion, the dogs have eaten some bad digestive foreign objects because they are swallowed by randomness, causing the dog's indigestion and scarcity.

What problems should pug dog diarrhea pay attention to?
If you are thin for a long time, it is best to check as soon as possible

3. Intestinal flora disorders.

4. Stress reaction, the dog is prone to this problem at first reaching a new environment.

How to deal with:

Most owners can first feed them some people who use some people to stop diarrhea. This practice is not correct. If it is a minor puppy, it is generally recommended to go directly to the hospital for examination, and first exclude infectious diseases. If it is an adult dog, you can consider whether it is caused by gastroenteritis, or eating the wrong thing, and so on. If diarrhea is not very serious, you can disconnect for 6 to 10 hours. During the period, a small amount of water is given, and some probiotics can be considered for conditioning. If the diarrhea is severe and it fails to deal with it by itself, it is more appropriate to send it as soon as possible.