What factors cause dog's eye redness?

What factors cause dog's eye redness?

Healthy dogs are relatively clean around the eyes

The eyes of healthy dogs are relatively clean, and the diseased dogs usually have increased eye feces and swelling of the eye. And if the dog's eye shit suddenly increases, it is a problem worthy of our attention, because if it is just inflammation of the eye, then the problem is not big. However, if the eye feces are caused by the canine plague, the impact on the dog is huge, and it may take the dog's life at any time.

There are many factors that cause the swelling of the dog's eyes:

1. Eye secretions: Eye secretions are tear in veterinary nouns. It is the most common symptom of eye disease. Clear secretions are related to tears drainage, of course, it can also be caused by macro and inflammation (such as conjunctivitis). If the secretion is turbid or purulent (viscous and discolored), it is probably eye infection.

2. Eyes swelling: Tissue swelling behind the eyes can push the eyes forward. The eyeball itself can also be swollen, and the eye sockets are pushed out of the eye socket. Symptoms of the eyeballs are protruding (compared with another eyeball) to stare at the pupil expansion (caused by nerve injury) eyelids cannot be closed. The possible reason is that the head is hit by the head, or the bleeding eye after the traffic accident, and the infection of the tumor glare. Any delay can cause the dog to lose attention, and the veterinarian should be asked immediately.

What factors cause dog's eye redness?
Third eyelid can also cause the dog's eyes to be red and swollen

3. Problems caused by third eyelids: Some varieties (such as St. Bernard (details)) The third eyelid is normal, but among most dogs, if the third eyelid suddenly changes suddenly, the third eyelid suddenly changes suddenly. It is prominent and prominent, and there may be problems. The symbol of the third eyelid includes a white film from the inner corner of the eyes. It usually has black edges. A pea -like red lump appears in the inner corner of the eyes. If there is a foreign body pain red eye after the third eyelid, if the dog occurs the above symptoms, the veterinarian is asked to diagnose and treat it. At the same time, you need to rinse your eyes and keep your eyes moist. Generally, dogs with third eyelids include Chow Chow, Jingba Dogs and so on.

4. Congenital eyelids and eyelashes: The most common eyelid malformations are internal and outward, and the eyelids are turned inward. Causes the eyelashes into the eyes, and the eyelids are flipped outward, causing tears to be concentrated in the bags formed by the eyelids, making the cornea dry. The dog's eyelashes can grow in the wrong direction, so the eyelashes rub their eyes, causing pain and redness of the eyes. This situation is called a similar problem with the so -called double -line eyelashes. The additional eyelashes on the eyelid margin will rub the eyes. If it is not treated, these problems will cause serious damage or even blindness, but generally speaking, we can improve this problem through surgery, as long as early treatment is not great.

The inverted eyelashes can cause the dog to cry frequently, and the eyes are swollen

5. Conjunctivitis: It is painful conjunctiva inflammation. The reason may be infection, scratching, congenital diseases, eyelid tumors or stimulus in the eyes, such as dust or smoke. Symptoms include: tears rubbing the eyes red, when the cornea is inflamed, the cornea begins to turbid, even dark blue or completely opaque. It is common in hepatitis and is called (blue eye). Subsequently, the eyes will be severely congested. In the end, chronic inflammation can even cause the melanin membrane to expand from one end of the eyes to the other. If the cause of inflammation can be treated in time, the condition can be terminated or slowed, and the melanin membrane can sometimes be cleared with fine surgery.

If dogs are suffering from these diseases, the eyes may be red and swollen, and the best way to prevent dog eye diseases is to pay attention to the cleaning of the eyes. It should also pay attention to it. It is best to solve the problem as soon as possible, otherwise the dog will cry for a long time and cause inflammation and swelling of the eye. If it is not dealt with for a long time, it may affect the dog's vision.