What causes Schnauzer dogs to vomit?

What causes Schnauzer dogs to vomit?

What causes Schnauzer dogs to vomit?

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Received a request from a Schnauzer dog friend who asked why the Schnauzer dog vomited.

Let's take a look at this friend's question:

"Hello, my Schnauzer, who is less than two months old, vomited twice last night, and his spirit is not very good. When I woke up in the middle of the night, there was something like water, but the poop still had a shape.

I fed the dog food this morning, and I feel better and have no poop.

In response to this problem, Boqi.com will explain the possibility and interests of several kinds of dog vomiting.

1. If the Schnauzer dog spit out food or yellow water, it is not a big problem

If the Schnauzer dog spit out basically two kinds of things: one is completely undigested food, and the other is yellow water that smells very bad.

For Schnauzer dogs, vomiting without hematemesis, fever, lack of energy, diarrhea, blood in the stool, etc., can be regarded as a relatively normal phenomenon.

In general, in this case, dog owners can add a few tablets of lactase or yeast tablets to the meal to help the Schnauzer dog digest, and there is no need to worry.

Second, several reasons for the vomiting of Schnauzer dogs

1. If the Schnauzer spit out something that is white, sticky, and sticky enough that you can pick it up with a single pull, if the spit is saliva, most of it is a problem with the esophagus.

2. If the dog vomits food, and eats the food back immediately, it will be fine after that. Such vomiting is physiological vomiting, which is similar to rumination. Such vomiting does not need to see a doctor.

3. If the color of the vomit is transparent or white and thin, this is gastric juice, which is the gastric acid secreted by the stomach. This type of vomiting is the most common in acute gastritis, but it is normal after vomiting.

4. If the color of the vomit is yellow, yellow, green and green, it means that the bile is spit out. Usually, if you see this color of vomit, you should see a doctor! Because this represents a lot of conditions, in addition to the above-mentioned liver

5. If the color of the vomit that the dog vomits is brown, it is not the color of feed or food, but the color of gastric juice is brown, which means there is bleeding in the stomach.

6. If it is bright red, don't hesitate anymore, this is acute bleeding, go to the doctor quickly!

On the whole, although dogs often appear as if nothing happened after vomiting, in fact, except for physiological vomiting (rumination), it is best to take them to the hospital.

In short, the reasons for vomiting in Schnauzer dogs are diverse.

In addition to the dog vomiting indigestible food, other cases of vomiting,

It is recommended that you do not take it lightly, especially if the dog's vomit is colored (red or green), you must see a doctor as soon as possible without delay!