What causes Bomei to retch?

What causes Bomei to retch?

Figure 1: Pomeranian who is popular all over the world-Junsuke

Pomeranian dogs are loved by many people because of their cute appearance and lively personality. One of the most popular partner pets, and the maintenance of Bomei dogs is increasingly concerned, such as what to do if Bomei dogs do not eat for dinner. What do Pomeranian hair and hair, what are the causes of Pomeranian twitching, etc. In so many problems, there is a problem that is often ignored by the owner, that is, the retching of the Pomeranian. Because dogs do not vomit, careless owners may not even know that dogs have sarcasm. In addition, some owners think that dogs are not a big problem, just like when humans get up in the morning, they will be good at waking up in the morning, and they will be fine after a while. However, this is not the case. The corch of Pomeranian dogs is caused by cause.

1. Reasons for the retching of Pomeranian dogs

1. physical stimuli

When the dog's throat is stimulated by certain foods or items, the dog will have retching. As long as the dog spit out food or items that cause irritation, they will not retider anymore. If the stimulating food or items scratch the dog's throat, the dog may suffer from pharyngitis. Dogs with pharyngitis are mainly manifested as loss of appetite, cough, unwilling to wear traction ropes (because it will stimulate the pharynx and cause the dog's discomfort), and the body temperature is high. Keep close attention.

What causes Bomei to retch?
Figure 2: When a dog suffers from pharyngitis, the owner should not wear such collar for the dog


Do not feed the dogs with bones, fish that are not eliminated, etc.; Let the dogs develop the habit of eating non -random food from an early age; put away sharp small items to avoid being eaten by the dog by mistake. If the dog has been eaten by mistake, the owner can first observe whether the dog can spit out food that causes stimuli. If the dog cannot spit out and the owner cannot solve the problem, it should be sent to the veterinarian to deal with it. Use anti -inflammatory drugs.

2. Infection parasites

After the dog is infected with parasites, the symptoms of retching will also appear. Due to the toxic effect of the parasitic secretion, excrement and insect decomposition, many dogs will also have convulsions such as convulsions. Pomeranian dogs are small dogs. If there are parasites in the body, it will easily affect the healthy growth of dogs.

Figure 3: The deworming medicine helps the dog to stay away from the parasite


The owner should repeat the dog regularly. Do not think that the dog is not infected with parasites because the dog does not show any symptoms. When the host has symptoms of various parasitic diseases, the host may have been severely injured. In addition, the owner should be optimistic about dogs when walking dogs, and do not let them eat anything on the roadside, especially do not contact the feces of other animals at close range.

3. Digestive

Clinically, the retching caused by poor digestion is very common. In addition to the retider of dogs, dogs are often accompanied by loss of appetite and diarrhea.


Do not feed dogs that are difficult to digest, such as chicken with bones. Such chicken will not only cause the dog's indigestion, but also the chicken bone may scratch the dog's esophagus, causing other damage. If you want to add meals to the dog, the owner may wish to buy some dog snacks, or boil chicken in the home at home for the dog to eat (don't add salt and other materials).

Figure 4: It is best to use bone chicken breasts for dogs

Figure 5: You can also tear the cooked chicken into strips or silk for dogs

4. Dog disease such as dog nest cough

When some Bogei suffers from diseases such as cough or canine plague, there will be some retching and cough in the initial stage. So it is easier for the owner to find a problem.


Doing a good job of vaccination is the best way to prevent infectious diseases. If the dog is unfortunately ill, the owner should take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment in time. The earlier the treatment, the greater the possibility of cure. In addition, the owner must do a good job of disinfection in the items in the home. If you not only raise a dog, you also have to talk about the isolation of sick dogs and health dogs.

5. Exercise problem

If the dog exercises when you are hungry or when you just eat, it is easy to retider.


As a small dog, Bomei's body is already difficult to load too intense exercise, so the owner must choose the timing of walking the dog and control the amount of exercise. In addition to paying attention to these issues when going out, the owner should not play with Pomeranian at home, otherwise, the dog may not just be more simple.

2. How to judge when to send the sorrowful Bomei to the pet hospital

First of all, if the dog is only slightly retched and there is no other discomfort, the owner can keep observation of the dog first. When the dog has vomiting, mental deficiency, or even rising body temperature, take them to the pet hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. Secondly, if the owner understands the cause of the dog's retching and know how to deal with it, you don't need to take them to the pet hospital. But when the dog has unexpected symptoms, you need to rescue veterinarians in time. In addition, if you can't judge what the dog's situation is, you better also send the dog to the doctor to prevent accidents. Finally, the owners should be reminded not to give dogs for medicine without authorization. Bowome is smaller. Their body structure is very different from humans. The use of drugs is completely different from humans. Causes dog drug poisoning.