What are the symptoms of small incubation period?

What are the symptoms of small incubation period?

In the small incubation period, small viruses are the most common puppies in 2-3 months. They are extremely contagious and the mortality rate is very high. It can develop throughout the year. In winter, spring is multiple periods. Today, let's talk about the symptoms of small incubation periods? How long is the small incubation period?

What are the symptoms of small incubation period?

Small incubation period

If the initial treatment of small viruses or proper use of drugs is proper, the mortality rate does not exceed 20%. The small incubation period is generally 3-14 days. The average onset time is 5-7 days. During the small incubation period, we could not diagnose whether the dog was infected with small viruses. The fragrance of the day before was still alive. The next morning we came together to find up and diarrhea and anorexia. The small incubation period is divided into two types: enteritis type and myocarditis type. The following editors will introduce them one by one:

1. Enteritis type

The main symptoms of enteritis are body fever, the body temperature of the dog can reach more than 40 degrees, the spirit will be depressed, and it is also accompanied by the phenomenon of not eating and vomiting. Dogs' vomit is generally unbuoded foods, or some white foam, which will slowly become yellow -green liquid. On the day after the onset, dogs began to diarrhea. Most of the feces are diluted and have a smell. If the disease will become dark green, or yellow jelly, and then blood stool will occur. At this time, the weight of the dog will decrease significantly, and the eyeball will fall in place, and it will also be accompanied by severe the symptoms of anemia.

2. Myocarditis type

The main symptoms of myocarditis are that dogs will have slight diarrhea, and then it is extremely difficult to breathe. This myocarditis type small virus can destroy the dog's myocardial cells in a short time.

The above is the symptoms of the small incubation period of the dog. Xiaobian reminds that if the dog has a small virus of the dog, it should be sent to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible, and at the same time disinfect the breeding environment.