What are the reasons why dogs bite?

What are the reasons why dogs bite?

What are the reasons why dogs bite?
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In daily life, we often see dogs, and this is undoubtedly bad for those who are afraid of dogs. Some people want to escape when they see dogs. It will cause the dog's misunderstanding and alert, and it may be the consequences of being attacked by the dog. So let's take a look at the reason for being bitten by a dog?

1. Which behaviors will attack you

1. Do you not understand the dog's warning

People who often deal with dogs have a certain understanding of the behavior of dogs, so the possibility of being bitten by a dog is small. For example, when some behaviors of your dogs are dissatisfied, the dog will make a low whisper. At this time, stop your movements, especially for dogs who are not familiar with. In fact, sometimes cats are more terrible than dogs, because normal dogs are ready to attack a person, and cats are completely unpredictable.

2. I accidentally broke into the dog's area

Dogs will regard a piece of land as their own territory. Within their own influence, if strangers break in at will, they will be attacked. This is the instinct of the dog. It is precisely because the dog has this instinct that it will be trained as a household dog, alert dog, etc.

Regardless of the size of the body, all dogs have the instinct of the guard. When a stranger walks from the door, even a few pounds of Chihuahua dogs will yell the police, and there is a situation where the enemy is coming to fight against the enemy; in some countries, a "inside in the wall of the residence is nailed to the wall of the house. The brand with a fierce dog "is definitely more assured than asking the security guard. The thief will not risk the risk of breaking into the mammoth territory.

3. "Private Property" of Dogs

It is a 9 -year -old Jingba dog. It has its own favorite toy. It is a rubber banana that can make a sound as soon as it bite. This is what it is like a treasure, and no one can let it move. Everyone who goes to the host's house will be told not to take the banana to tease Bodee, or they will not be bitten.

Each dog has some of its own "private property". These small toys, bones and other objects are not worth mentioning in people's eyes, but the dogs treat them very importantly. It's strange to bite.

4. Inadvertently aroused the desire of the dog's hunting

Many parents always warn their children that the dog is dangerous and runs quickly when encountering a dog, because the dog will bite you. When the child encounters a dog, the words of parents will sound immediately in their minds. Therefore, even if the dog does not mean attacking, and it is very friendly, the child will still be afraid, and run away according to the guidance of the parents.

The dog has the original instinct of hunting prey. Even a pet dog, this instinct is buried in the dog's subconscious. Chasing and running away is a kind of fun for the dog. Therefore, the dog did not mean to hurt the child, but it would catch up when you saw the child's escape. It is conceivable that the agile dogs catch up with an extremely panic child. It is easy to escape at the speed of their children. Once the dog is caught up by the dog, the dog will bite the child because of excessive excitement.

5. Do not preparation for dogs with neurotic quality

In this case, the dogs who are bitten by the dog are all love dogs. When they see the puppy, they can't move. They have to come forward and touch. Under normal circumstances, dogs are friendly to people, especially pure -breed dogs with stable personality, but just as the saying goes, "There are all birds in the forest", if you treat a dog with defects like this, it is very dangerous Essence

There are also defects for people's alert psychology. Most people think that the greater the dog, the more dangerous. Yes, the large body of large dogs constitutes a pressure on people, but in fact many large dogs such as Santa Bernard, Dan Dog (detail introduction), Newfoundland dogs, etc. are very friendly to people. On the contrary, there are some body shapes. Petite dogs are more attacking, and their figures are more likely to relax their vigilance and are attacked.

2. What should we pay attention to when we are bitten

Seeing the dog not showing the fear of shrinking, let alone turn around and run, the calmness will give the dog a good impression. When you are a dog, you should pay attention to asking if his dog has any taboos, and do not mess with the dog's toys and food. When you meet strange dogs on the street with the owner, don't touch it if you like it. Pay attention to maintaining a certain distance with strange dogs. When contacting the dog, pay attention to the dog's performance. If the dog makes a warning sound or a attacking posture, stop immediately and leave slowly.

In case of being bitten by a dog: if you are bitten by the dog, don't take it lightly, but don't panic. First observe the wound. If the skin is not damaged and bloody, the injury is not a big deal. Generally, it can be cured without any treatment. If the wound is damaged and bleed, the wound should be cleaned with soapy water in time, and at the same time go to the hospital for treatment to inject rabies vaccines. As long as the treatment is timely, there is generally no problem.