What are the possible factors for a dog to become "lame"

What are the possible factors for a dog to become "lame"

first see if the dog is willing to put your feet down

The healthy dog's gait is stable and light, so if you see the dog walking, and even walking with a leg, it will definitely show that the dog's legs and feet are uncomfortable. It may be because the pain makes the dog dare not put down his feet. There are more reasons that cause this phenomenon.

If the dog can still put down the feet and try to walk, the problem may not be very serious. If the dog keeps hanging his feet, it means that it is really painful to put your feet down. It is recommended to bring the dog to the hospital as soon as possible to the hospital And do related inspections.

1. If you find that the dog is limping, check if there is any difference in the foot of the lame

First of all, when you find that the dog is lame, check it out carefully, whether the dog has any trauma. It is the most common to focus on whether the dog's foot pad has been tied under the pad. Then there is a place where there is a break or redness in the toe seam, then there is no trauma on the legs, etc., that is, check it intuitively to determine whether it is a problem that can be solved by yourself.

2. Use your hand to touch the leg of the dog's lame to see if there is swelling, and pinch the dog's joints to see if the dog will have pain

If there is no trauma, it may be a problem under the skin. Use your hands to touch and pinch the dog's lame, and pinch your thigh roots to your toes. Essence Also pay attention to observing the situation where you pinch your legs when you pinch a place in a place. If you are not sure if a part of the dog's leg is normal, you can refer to the legs that the dog does not lame, and touch whether the other leg has the same structure. If the dog hurts and shrinks back when he is squeezed, then it is best to go to the hospital to take a film to check it.

What are the possible factors for a dog to become
If the dog is not good for a few days, take it to the hospital as soon as possible

3. Straighten the dog's legs to see if it is a ligament or a joint problem

Check the dog's joint or ligament if there is an abnormality. It is the leg of the dog's stretch to see if the dog has a reaction to the resistance. question. If it hurts and the struggle is more severe, the problem may be serious.

4. If the dog's performance is relatively normal, then look at it for a while to see if it will slowly recover.

If a series of inspections, dogs' performance is normal, then look at it first. Because sometimes the dog may be scratched on the legs or somewhere on the feet, and it does not hurt the ligament or the skin, so it is basically difficult to find, and this situation is usually slow after a period of time. Slowly recover. If it is 4-5 hours, the dog is still lame, then you have to take the dog to see the doctor. To explain, the situation mentioned above is aimed at the dog's sudden legs. If the two hind legs cannot walk at the same time, then you should take it to the doctor immediately, because it may be a spine problem. It's right.

In addition, the calcium deficiency of dogs may also cause this problem. This requires the dog to gradually restore calcium supplementation. Pay attention to the sun and exercise appropriately.