What are the pet insurances?

What are the pet insurances?

Domestic pet insurance is just to reduce the burden on the responsibility of the owner

Compared with foreign countries, domestic pet insurance has not prevailed, and it is difficult for us to find institutions that can buy insurance for pets. In fact, as the number of pets continues to increase, pet insurance will inevitably have a good sales. Not to mention other, if pets also have medical insurance, I believe that many owners will scramble to buy it for them. After all, seeing a doctor for a dog is a big amount of expenses, especially major diseases such as infectious diseases. Can't. Although pet insurance has begun to appear in China, there are not many types.

First of all, the main benefit object of pet insurance launched in China is not a dog. Its main role is to help pet owners reduce the burden of liability. Moreover, the premiums of this type of insurance are relatively low. If the dog has a bit bit, the victim can get a higher compensation amount. And this kind of insurance has certain restrictions, not all dogs can participate in this insurance. Generally, this type of insurance is only provided to dogs holding "Dog Raise License" and "Dog Immune Certificate", because the safety factor of such dogs is much higher than other dogs. Otherwise The company may not afford it.

Of course, this type of insurance is the same as other insurance types. It is not necessary to get compensation if you buy it. It also has some deductible liability. For example, the damage incident caused by the intentional behavior of the owner, the insured intentionally condoned or instigated that the insured dog hurt others in the scope of insurance. Secondly, because the victim deliberately teased the dog and was bitten, it was also not within the scope of insurance.

What are the pet insurances?
Foreign pet insurance is much better, so we still have a long way to go to go

This is a domestic pet insurance system. Although it is pet insurance, it is generally not dogs. Pet insurance in other countries is somewhat different. For example, there are two main pet insurance in the United States: one is comprehensive insurance, including health and accident compensation. The other is medical insurance similar to us human beings. And some medical services that can only be enjoyed by humans before are now found in veterinary clinics. For example, the most advanced dog cancer treatment, as high as $ 15,000. The average cost of pet insurance is about $ 250 a year. The insurance rate is based on the age of pets, ranging from $ 10 to $ 30 per month. In addition to insurance companies, the hospital also provides some guarantees for pets, such as daily inspections, vaccinations, etc., as well as X -ray, blood testing and cleaning teeth. There will be certain discounts.

As for Britain's insurance benefits for pets, if the owner of the pet is sick and hospitalized, the additional terms of the policy also underwritten the pets of pets at home; once the pet dies, the cost of buying a new pet to buy new pets will also include the insurance liability of the additional terms. If the owner seek a full range of guarantees, some insurers can pay for pets and therapists who can pay for psychiatric physicians and the treated therapist when they charge additional premiums. Some insurers even provide a 24 -hour service hotline to provide consulting services to the sad owner who lost their pets.

Therefore, compared with foreign countries, there is still a long way to go in domestic pet insurance, but it is really risky for pet insurance. After all, it is not uncommon for dogs to get sick or accidentally hurt people, especially Medical care is indeed a certain pressure for insurance companies, so it takes a certain time to develop.