What are the causes of dog gastritis and the treatment methods for dog gastritis?

What are the causes of dog gastritis and the treatment methods for dog gastritis?

The dog's stomach is fragile, and you usually don't pay attention to gastritis if you don't pay attention to your diet. Today, I will introduce relevant information about dog gastritis. Parents can understand.

1. Cause

The primary cause is mainly foods that are eaten or indigestible for dogs, foreign bodies or irritating drugs. Some infectious diseases and parasitic diseases can also be secondary gastritis, such as canine plague (details), canine infectious hepatitis, small viral enteritis, liver absorbing, intestinal parasites, etc. Gastric mucosa has been stimulated for a long time, and anemia, lack of gastric acid, and malnutrition can also lead to gastritis.

2. Symptoms

The main clinical symptoms of acute and chronic gastroenteritis are vomiting, abdominal pain and depression.

The initial vomit is mostly foods that are not fully digested. In the future, it is foam -like mucus and gastric juice, and sometimes mixed with blood, bile and gastric mucosa. The appetite of the sick dog decreases or refuses to eat, the thirst is obvious, the drinking water increases, vomiting occurs after drinking a lot of water. In severe cases, dehydration may occur. Tongue coating is sometimes yellow -white and has a odor. Patrinated abdomen sensitive, like to squat or lie on the cold ground.

What are the causes of dog gastritis and the treatment methods for dog gastritis?

3. Diagnosis

Preliminary diagnosis can be made according to the medical history and clinical symptoms. The diseased dog is depressed, vomiting and abdominal pain are the main clinical symptoms of this disease. During the oral examination, yellow and white tongue coating and smelling smell are often seen. You can also pass the blood routine and feces, and the gastroscopy is confirmed if necessary.

4. Treatment

Eliminate the cause, prevent dehydration, protect the gastric mucosa, and inhibit vomiting the principles of treatment. Stop feeding corruption -quality foods and irritating drugs. Fasting for more than 24 hours before treatment.

(1) Sending vomiting: Muscle injection of the stomach is 1 ~ 2 cuckes/kg, 2 times/day; When vomiting is severe, muscle injection can also be injected with chloropine hydrochloride 1.1 ~ 2.2 grams/kg, or uses a spit spirit 1 ~ 2 lift/time (2) anti -inflammatory: celebrates 2 ~ 3 mg/kg Two days a day, you can also celebrate 4 ~ 6 mg/kg, 3 times/day.

(3) Solution: Disease dogs with severe vomiting, severe dehydration and poor appetite should be replenished in time. Varicose injection of 5%glucose sodium chloride injection or compound sodium chloride solution.

At the same time, vitamin B1 and vitamin B6, vitamin C, can often get better treatment effects. For severe cases, 10%potassium chloride and 5%sodium bicarbonate should also be added.

During the treatment period, it should be fed with sugar and salt soup, or high sugar, low -fat, low protein, and digestible liquid foods. After a few days, a normal diet is gradually restored.