What are the causes of cataract in Pomeranian dogs?

What are the causes of cataract in Pomeranian dogs?

Cataract is a disease that occurs more than middle -aged and elderly people. I believe everyone is no stranger. In fact, not only human beings, dogs will also get cataracts. Especially Pomeranian, Bomei, in old age, its eyes are very likely to suffer from conjunctivitis and cataracts. So what are the causes of cataracts?

Boshime may cause them to be blind. The dark world is too cruel to lovely dogs. We should usually pay more attention to the eyes of dogs. What are the reasons for Bospoin?

What are the causes of cataract in Pomeranian dogs?

1. Most dogs' cataracts are caused by genetics, and cataracts can occur in different ages of dogs. Both eyes of dogs may happen. The different types of cataracts are different in the different types of dogs.

2. Cataracts caused by diabetes are the most common type. Most of the dogs with diabetes will soon occur in cataract.

3. Pomeranian reaction to the poisoning of the crystal can also cause dogs with diabetes, and dogs are caused by the toxicity of eye drugs.

4. Like our humans because of the cataract caused by the burst of bags. When the dog's eyes are external trauma, they should take the dog to the hospital to check in time to avoid the broken crystal bag of the dog.

5. Bomei will cause cataracts due to long -term lack of nutrition in normal life, which is called nutritional cataract.

6. Dogs will also cause cataracts like our human beings due to age, but this generally does not affect the visibility of the dog's eyes.