Under what circumstances can't you give your dog a bath?

Under what circumstances can't you give your dog a bath?

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In many cities, parents have many ways to keep their dogs healthy in order to make their dogs live longer and healthier, but bathing is one of them.

1. Under what circumstances should you not bathe your dog

1. Unvaccinated dogs

Especially for dogs, because they have not been vaccinated, their resistance is relatively low. If they catch a cold after taking a bath, it will affect the timing of later vaccination.

2. Dogs just vaccinated

Dogs who have just been vaccinated cannot be bathed within a week, because the dog's resistance is very poor at this time, and the energizer should not take the dog out for activities. If the parents think that the dog is too dirty, dry cleaning

3. Newly arrived dog

When the dog arrives home, it must be familiar with the new environment. If the dog is healthy, it can be vaccinated, but during the period, the dog cannot be bathed to avoid catching a cold.

4. Dogs with trauma

Do not give your dog a bath after an injury or after surgery, as it may cause the wound to become inflamed.

5. Suspected or already sick dog

Dogs are not suitable for bathing when they are sick, because their constitution is relatively weak, and it is easy to cause low blood pressure and shock.

6. Dogs with poor physical condition and poor resistance

Dogs who are recovering from serious illness and old and debilitated dogs are not suitable for bathing. If a cold is caused by bathing, it will be worse. If the dog is too dirty, parents can choose dry cleaning powder or wipe the dog with a towel.

7. Bitches in heat

Dogs in heat can take a bath, but it’s best not to or less often.

8. Bitch in labor or lactation

Dogs shed a lot during pregnancy and breastfeeding, especially long-haired dogs.

9. The dog that just got full

If the dog has just eaten, the blood vessels in the skin will dilate and there will be less blood flow to the stomach, causing the dog to indigestion and lower blood sugar, and it is easy to faint.

10. Dogs after violent transport

The dog is exercising vigorously, and the blood is still in the limbs and muscles at this moment. Immediately bathing may cause insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, which is harmful to health.

11. Bad weather

In case of thunderstorms, it is not suitable to bathe the dog.

Under what circumstances can't you give your dog a bath?

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2. Precautions for dog bathing

1. Before bathing the dog, check the whole body to confirm that there is no problem before washing.

2. Before showering, it is best to put cotton pads on the dog's ears to prevent water splashing into the ears and causing inflammation.

2. Novice parents must not forget to squeeze the anal glands of the dog when bathing the dog.

3. The water temperature of the dog's bath should not be too hot or too cold, about 38.5°C.

4. It is not advisable to use shampoo for human use to bathe the dog. You can choose a special shampoo for dogs.

5. Dry immediately after washing to avoid cold, especially the abdomen, limbs, armpits and head.