Treatment methods for preventing dog mites and skin diseases caused by mites

Treatment methods for preventing dog mites and skin diseases caused by mites

Treatment methods for preventing dog mites and skin diseases caused by mites
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Many friends have always been annoyed for pets because of mites. In fact, mites are not terrible, and 70%of people will have more or less mites. And mites are only a cause of lesions when the skin resistance is poor. Most people have no symptoms. But dogs are particularly sensitive to mites, so it is easier to cause skin diseases due to mites.

1. Prevent dog mites

Traditional Chinese Medicine-Usually use rhubarb five-folded washing agent to soak. The main ingredients snake bed, five times, ground skin, rhubarb (very cheap, no side effects)

Western medicine-sulfur powder, sulfur soap, methampolid molidazole is soaked (cheaper, but sulfur secretion can inhibit normal sebum secretion and make the skin dry and dull.

Two dog mites treatment

If the condition is more serious, the injection should be selected for injection and infection. Generally, veterinarians now use rhinohin or polychin. The two are similar medicines, but the latter is a new generation. Inject it every three days according to the fungicide, and polychin is injected once a week. Their side effects are opportunities to affect the quality of fertility. It is best to regenerate after half a year after injection. If you have infection, you can infected appropriately, orally, and antibiotic drugs. One thing to remind is that there are still many veterinarians who use a medicine called "Linkomycin" (cheap) Lin Kyromycin is almost eliminated when using antibiotics. "Klincin" effect. Better

If the condition is not very serious, please use the double metamical emulsion-originally developed for pigs and other medicines, but it can also be used in cats and dogs. The smell of this medicine is unpleasant and has certain side effects, and it is dangerous to use improperly. Very cheap

Coal Coke-using coal coke oil is a very effective earthwork. You can buy a coal scaller washing agent called "Ze it" in major pharmacies. It is more effective to remove the scalp

Three, dog mites treatment experience

1. Mite disease should be treated as soon as possible. The sooner the diagnosis is diagnosed, the better the effect. If the dog is injected with chloride in the early stages of the onset, it usually works for one or two shots. Dogs can suffer less, and the owner's energy will be much less.

2. If the mites are already very powerful, be prepared for long -term treatment. At the beginning, the red dot spread quickly, and then pus, bleeding, scabs, and pigmentation.

3. Mittic disease is not an extremely fatal disease. There is no need to go to the pet hospital for treatment. You can go there to confirm the diagnosis, and then buy injections and drugs for dogs. This will greatly save the cost!

4. Be sure to pay attention to the daily hygiene of the dog, keep the dogs clean, do not let the dog contact the same kind of illness, try to bring the dog to the non -clean grass on the grass, especially the high incidence season of spring infectious diseases. Be well in disinfection and hygiene. According to the doctor at the pet hospital, mites are actually available in each dog, but the mites breed and erupt under the appropriate conditions, causing dogs to get sick.

5. Although there is no evidence that the dog's mite disease will be transmitted to people, it is still necessary to pay attention to prevent infection. After contacting the diseased dog, you must wash your hands in time and mop with diluted bleaching water. I also bought Schola's sterilization spray, and regularly sprayed the dog's nest, the sofa at home.

6. Devil mite infection has a certain relationship with the immune function of the body. Therefore, enhanced physical fitness is the basis for promoting disease recovery. Dogs should take care of diet during the disease. Do not let your dogs hungry, you can appropriately increase the number of feeding times.

It is important to add: Sulfur ointment is toxic. Do not apply it to the parts where the dog can lick. The parts that can be lick are used in Jieyin.

Lvisin (the new generation of Iverain, for the treatment of mites) a bottle of 8.5 yuan 6 ml, according to the weight of my home card can be calculated nearly 60 times (calculated at 0.2 ml per 10 kg of weight) Inject it once every 5 days, pay attention: Do not exceed 5 times. The pet shop is usually 20-30 yuan for a shot, and it costs 100-150 yuan for 5 times. It can be used 60 times for 8.5 yuan.