The shetland sheepdog shopping skills

The shetland sheepdog shopping skills

We all like to keep Shetland dogs very much, and the dog's name is also a symbol of auspiciousness and joy.


The shetland sheepdog shopping skills

Shetland Sheepdog (details)

1. Before purchasing, you must first find out whether Sheltie has been vaccinated (such as rabies and canine distemper vaccination).

2. Carefully observe the appearance and health of the Shetland dog. There are generally the following points to pay attention to.

Appearance: Shetland puppy fur is shiny, moderately fat and full of vitality.

Ears: Ears are clean, no odor

Eyes: Shetland's eyes should be free from mucus or tears

Nose: The nose should be dark, wet and cold

Teeth: The gums and lips are pink, and there is no odor when exhaling

Appetite: Feed some food when purchasing, choose Shetland puppies that have a strong appetite and are not picky eaters.

Selecting dogs in different places: If you are buying in other places, pay attention to preparing some water to drink (local water) during the journey when you bring the Shetland puppies back to avoid gastrointestinal diseases.

3. When choosing a Shetland puppy, it is best to first understand the pros and cons of its paternal and maternal breeds. The puppies purchased in the market are often not as good as the Shetland breeder's home.

Buying a pet dog is a big deal. You need to see if Sheltie’s appetite is good or not, but also how the little guy’s reaction ability is. Dogs with very slow responses are not allowed to buy. Such dogs are also bought home.