Scientific calcium supplementation for bulldogs

Scientific calcium supplementation for bulldogs

Scientific calcium supplementation for bulldogs
Bulls Dog

The bullfighting dog is a bull. Its body is strong. Although it is small but has a strong and powerful big dog, the muscle is developed and the body size is not proportional. The head is very large, and the head circumference is almost equal to height. However, if calcium deficiency, bullfighting dogs will have cartilage disease, even walking is a problem, let alone fighting bullfights. What should I do if the bullfighting dog deficiency?

The performance of calcium deficiency of bullfighting dogs:

In the early stage of calcium deficiency in bullfighting, its appetite will slowly diminish and indigestion. I especially like to sleep, the body is getting thinner, and the growth rate becomes slow. If the bullfighting dog puppies have calcium deficiency, the ribs are prone to ribs, the forelimb wrist joints and elbows deform, and small dogs are prone to "O" legs, clamor or lying on the ground.

In the 2nd and March age, bullfighting dog puppies are an important period of disc herniation. If calcium deficiency at this time, some varieties that are susceptible to disc herniation will occur after adulthood, causing life pain. And at the age of 4 to June, it is the critical period of its teeth. If calcium deficiency at this time, the bullfighting dog will not fall off. Disposal or gaseous teeth are uneven. And such bullfighting dogs can easily form bad breath, gingivitis and other diseases after adulthood, and directly affect life.

How to supplement calcium in bulls:

Common methods of calcium supplementation of pet dogs, such as drugs and calcium supplements. Calcium nutrition or medicine, liquid calcium is best, calcium powder is second, and the absorption of calcium tablets is relatively poor. If the bull -fighting dog is more severe, it is best to choose medicine to supplement calcium with a reasonable diet. Of course, the selected calcium supplements should also be used most. If the bullfighting dog is just a slight calcium deficiency, then calcium powder and calcium tablets are sufficient.

Of course, to determine the situation of calcium deficiency in the bullfighting dog, you should first do a physical examination for the dog. In addition to injection of dogs, other calcium powder and calcium tablets can add these calcium supplements to the daily diet of the dog, and the normal diet can help the bull fighting dogs supplement calcium.

It is worth noting that it is the most critical to absorb calcium absorption of bullfighting dogs. Therefore, in addition to supplementing calcium accidents, nutrients such as vitamins must also be supplemented. At the same time, you can bring a bull dog to sunbathe, so that you can better promote the absorption of calcium nutrition of the dog's body and achieve the purpose of truly calcium supplementation.