Principles of treatment of rickets in dogs

Principles of treatment of rickets in dogs

Principles of treatment of rickets in dogs

Rickets is mainly a non-inflammatory disease of bone tissue dysplasia caused by vitamin D deficiency, calcium and phosphorus metabolism disorders.

It is called rickets in puppies and osteomalacia in adult dogs.

1-3 months old puppies after the onset, the main manifestations: joint swelling, forelimb joint deformation, pain, limb deformation, X or O-shaped legs, rib and costal cartilage junction swollen and spherical.

Adult dogs have osteoporosis and become brittle, prone to fractures, difficult to stand, weak in physique, easy to fatigue, and sometimes have symptoms such as convulsions and postpartum epilepsy.

Osteochondrosis often occurs in pregnant and childbirth dogs.

Treatment and Prevention

1. Supplementation with vitamin D preparations

2. Sunbathe the dog and often take the dog to outdoor activities

3. Add cod liver oil 5-10 mg/day to the feed

4. The puppies are supplemented with calcium tablets 1-2 tablets/day, 2 times/day, and oral cod liver oil 1 tablet/day

Pregnant and nursing dogs supplement calcium tablets 8-10 tablets/day, cod liver oil 4 tablets/day, divided into 2 times

5. In severe cases:

Puppies can be injected intramuscularly with calcium vitriol 1 stick/day 1 time/2 days

Adult dogs can receive intravenous calcium gluconate 1-5 g/day