Possible problems caused by dog shaving

Possible problems caused by dog shaving

Possible problems caused by dog shaving
Dog shaving

The coming of the hot summer is a very popular thing to shave the dog, but while shaving, I hope that parents can also understand some of the negative effects that shaving will also bring. In short Just shave the pets at home! Below we introduce the five problems that are easy to shaved to dogs.

Question 1: Damage of hair follicles

If the parents have shaved the dog, there is no pet push for pets, and there is no skilled technology. If you do it yourself, it is easy to damage the dog's hair follicles, so that the new hair of the dog will lose its gloss and unhealthy. It is almost impossible if you want to shave your dog yourself and make it improve the quality of hairy.

Question 2: Easy to infect skin diseases

After the dog was shaved with skin, it lost the most outer layer of protection. In the summer, not only could not prevent heat and cool down, but it was more likely to be damaged by ultraviolet rays. The skin is directly exposed to the air, and it is easy to cause itching and allergies under the effects of dust, pollen, and insect mosquitoes. When the dog feels itching, it will be scratched with your paws, and the dog skin is often scratched. Wounds are prone to inflammatory fungi.

Third: It is easy to cause colds, gastrointestinal diseases

After the dog hair was shaved, it lost the original hair insulation function. If the temperature difference between day and night is large, the dog will easily cause a common disease such as colds and diarrhea due to poor temperature adaptability. In fact, the dogs are mainly sweating through the tongue and foot sweating, and the body is completely irritating the function of heat dissipation.

Fourth: It is prone to depression

In this case, many dogs exist. Because after being shaved or shaved, seeing that it looks unaccustomed, it will produce a strong sense of inferiority, and dog depression erupted. The common characteristics are loss of appetite, unwilling to go out, and strong aggressiveness; some dogs will have skin allergies and skin ulcers of different degrees.

Fifth: Long -term harm to human experience

There are also parents because the dogs are fierce, and it is troublesome to clean up the dog hair in the home. So, shave your love dog hair! After shaving the dogs, it does not mean that the dog will not lose hair. It can only be said that you can not find it easily! This will bring the security of the family. Great hidden dangers, if you can see the hair of the dog's hair, you will notice once the dog hair enters your mouth and the respiratory tract, but the dog hair will not easily enter your body. Conversely, if the dog is shaved, the hair that falls on the ground is not only easy to float in the air, but it is more likely to enter the human mouth and respiratory tract with the family's breathing. Because the human respiratory tract does not have digestion function, what you think for a long time, what do you think? The invisible hair is accumulated in the family's lungs, resulting in very serious consequences.