Pets should pay attention to heatstroke prevention in summer.

Pets should pay attention to heatstroke prevention in summer.

Summer has come quietly. In the hot summer, people will complain that the weather is hot and the heat is unbearable. In order to prevent heat stroke, people will have their own measures.

What is heat stroke: Heat stroke is further divided into sunstroke and heat stroke.

The so-called sun exposure refers to: due to direct sunlight on the head, the brain and meninges are congested and hemorrhages, causing neurological disorders.

The reason why dogs are prone to heatstroke is that their body's sweat glands are underdeveloped and cannot dissipate heat through sweat glands like humans.

Pets should pay attention to heatstroke prevention in summer.

Symptoms of heat stroke:

The body temperature rises sharply, the normal body temperature of dogs is 37.5-39 degrees, and it can be as high as 41 ° C during heat stroke.

Preparation for pet heatstroke prevention:

Do a good job of cooling down: If possible, you can let it stay in an air-conditioned room, or blow a fan to keep the airflow smooth.

Walking the dog: Choose to take your dog out for a walk in the cool morning or evening, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Weight loss: Dogs that are too fat not only produce more heat, but also have poor cardiopulmonary function and poor tolerance to heat, so it is best not to feed your dog too fat.

Diet: If it eats dog food, it can be appropriately reduced, and some vegetables are added to compensate for vitamins and minerals, and it is very important to give sufficient water.

What to do after heatstroke:

1. Move the dog to a cool and ventilated place, and ensure that the airway is unobstructed: pull out the tongue and straighten the head and neck.

2. Take cooling measures quickly, you can place ice cubes all over the dog's body, or you can repeatedly smear alcohol on the body surface until the body temperature returns to normal levels.

3. Immediately contact your veterinarian or send it to a veterinary hospital, especially if you are in shock and do not wake up.

Since dogs have a strong tolerance for disease or pain, in general, when the owner finds an abnormality, it is often more serious, so the owner needs to pay more attention to the dog at this time, and find something wrong