Nursing Methods and Rescue Common Sense of Husky Sudden Diseases

Nursing Methods and Rescue Common Sense of Husky Sudden Diseases

Nursing Methods and Rescue Common Sense of Husky Sudden Diseases
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Care and rescue common sense of Husky's sudden illness

Although Husky is strong, sometimes he encounters some accidents or sudden diseases, such as fractures or food poisoning, or shock, motion sickness, etc. when you take your Husky to play.

At this time, you need to master the basic care and emergency knowledge of some dogs, so that you can win more rescue time for your Husky Love Dog and save your pet dog.

1. Husky fracture causes the most common cause of Husky fractures is the car accident. Sometimes falling from a high place or being squeezed and crushed can also cause fractures.

Similar to the fracture is dislocation.

The difference between the two is that the fracture dogs will drag their limbs, and the dislocated dogs dare not dare to the ground and jump away with the three limbs. Regardless of fracture or dislocation, dogs will be painful, and sometimes lying on the ground and shaking.

Once you see this situation, don't hesitate, basically your Husky is a fracture. At this time, we can use hard objects for basic fixation. Do not move Xiaoha's legs and keep stable. At the same time, hold the dog as soon as possible to the hospital for treatment and receive surgery.

2. No matter what the Husky shock is caused by shock, we must carry out the necessary rescue before going to the hospital.

At this time, Xiao Ha will be cold with limbs and shortness of breath. We should lie down Husky to help it breathe slowly. The method is to imitate artificial breathing, coincide with its mouth, blow air to the nostril, and massage its chest.

After a little better, the dog took it to the hospital to find out the reason for shock and did the corresponding treatment.

3. Food poisoning Husky eats corrupt foods or medicines, especially when large dogs eat the medicine to die.

The symptoms are spitting, cramps, sluggishness, and sorrow. At this time, it is best to know the cause of poisoning. When you take the dog to the hospital, you can tell the doctor to do the right medicine.

4. Whether it is the major bleeding caused by trauma or the internal organs, it is extremely dangerous to Husky.

During the emergency, the bleeding point should be compressed to reduce the amount of bleeding, remove the sludge, and simply bandage the hospital for emergency treatment. Because some wounds need to be sutured, this is generally impossible to do at home.

5. The suffocation Hastech puppies are particularly easy to cause infarction due to what small things they eat. In severe cases, hypoxia death is severely suffocated.

When Xiao Ha stretched his neck hard and kept holding his mouth and neck with his front paws, he might be a infarction. At this time, he could pat his back to help it spit out. If it is invalid, you can only take it to the hospital for help. Sometimes adult Husky is also stuffed with his throat by his bones, which is also dangerous and sent to the hospital as soon as possible.

6, motion sickness and motion sickness cannot be considered a disease, and the consequences are not serious.

When he took Husky out to play, he found that Xiaoha was constantly vomiting. At this time, let the dog be quiet, and the rest will adapt. Some dogs will never motion sick after a few returns.

If you find that your Husky has a motion sickness habit, do not eat and drink water before traveling, and serve the medicine for motion sickness.