Maintenance knowledge of Labang cats

Maintenance knowledge of Labang cats

Maintenance knowledge of Labang cats

Labon Cat

When feeding any animals, the owners have to go through their "childhood".Faying precious cats such as Labang Cat should take care of it carefully.From the moment he took it home, it was a part of the family, the responsibility of a lifetime.Therefore, the maintenance and training of the "childhood" is essential. At this time, the owners have to worry about it.

1. Faying of Labang Cat

1. Can you feed milk?

Don't feed the cat milk.8 weeks of cats can live independently, and it can eat cat food by itself.It is best not to drink milk for kittens!The ingredients of cat milk and milk are different. Some cats do not have digestive enzymes that can digest milk. Eating milk can cause diarrhea.It is recommended that he only gives him the cat's cat food.

2. Can you feed meat or cans?

In addition to cat food, it is recommended to eat a little meat for kittens a week, but do not measure too much, a few small pieces with large nails are OK.If you can chew it, it is even better to feed the kitten, because the kitten's digestive system lacks a kind of enzyme, and this enzyme can be provided by human saliva.This is conducive to the digestion and absorption of the kitten.As for canned cats, it is not recommended for Mimi for less than four months.If you must feed, it is recommended to mix rice with a little canned rice before eating them.Because canned cats is a high -energy and high -protein food, just like a big meal that people eat during the Spring Festival. Every time they feed them directly, they may cause indigestion.And carbohydrates like rice rice are good for cats.

It should be noted that eating canned or pure meat when La Bang cats below three months. It is easy to cause indigestion.Because his digestive organs are very delicate and lack a lot of digestive enzymes, they will be thinner when they are not digested well. They can feed some lactase to regulate his gastrointestinal function (preferably the lactase).It is easier to digest cat food with warm water.Eat less meals, don't eat too greasy foods.

2. Maintenance of Labang Cat

1. Is it okay not to vaccinate?

Labon cats must vaccinate in time to prevent malignant infectious diseases such as cat plague.Because cat plague virus is very harmful to cats of less than four months, and the virus can be transmitted without direct contact, so for cats to grow up healthily, please give your baby in time to give you your baby in timevaccination.The vaccination time is about 12 weeks of the cat, and two times before one year old, twice, 20 days, once a year.

2. Is the cat dirty?

It is best not to take a bath before the Rabon cat is vaccinated.Cats without vaccine resistance is very low. Bathing is easy to use cold pulls and even more serious problems. It is recommended to take a bath after the vaccine.If you get dirty because of naughty, you can consider wipe it with a hot towel or brush it with a brush.After the vaccine, you can take a bath for the cat. If the short -haired cat can be washed every few months, the long hair cat is enough once a month.You usually need to combat cats to ensure the cleaning of Mimi.Because cats need to secrete sebum to protect their hair. If they are washed too much and the skin protection ability decreases, it will cause skin cancer, and it is best to use pet fragrance waves to prevent people from using shampoos and fragrances to get poisonous side effects.And our experience is that keeping the home clean is the most effective way.

Three, Training of Labang Cat

There are actually many ways to train La Bang cats, but the basic methods of commonly used are roughly the following.After you master the above training methods, you can start training your cat.That is, a means of mechanical stimulus and threatening password forced cats to accurately and smoothly complete the action.

1. Shake hands

Use food rewards to train cats to shake hands with you.First of all, you prepare a little food that cats like to eat, such as beef jerky or fish slices, etc., apply some meat flavor on the right finger, and then say hello to the cat, stretch out the right hand to the cat to smell the fragrance of the food, and at the same timeGently saying to the cat, "Shake hands and handshake." The cat smells the aroma on your fingers, and naturally stretchs your head. At this time, you raise your hand, and the cat will stand up and stretch out your front paw. At this time, youYou can hold the cat's front paw, say "handshake" while handing the food to the cat with his left hand.When shaking hands, you can shake its front paws gently, with a good tone, so, so many times a day.Cats are very smart animals. After a few days, it can be proficient in shaking hands.In the future, you only need to use food to consolidate training.And in normal times, as long as you say "handshake", cats will naturally stretch out its front paw to shake hands with you.

2. Rolling up

Labang cats often do rolling actions when playing, so it is simpler to train cats.The method is to let the cat stand on the floor first. While the trainer sends a "rolling" order, he gently poured the cat and rolled it.Repeatedly, under the induction of the owner, when cats can roll their own, they should immediately award the food and caress.In the future, a reward will be given every time you complete the action. As the degree of proficiency of the movement deepen, the number of rewards will be gradually reduced until the reward is canceled.Once the condition reflex is formed, the cat will immediately make a rolling action as soon as the "rolling" command.

3, title

After training, Lapon Cat can return some small items for the owner like a dog. Two steps in training: The first step is basic training. That is, wear the cats first to control the cat's behavior. During the training, one hand holding the collar and the other hand, such as small wooden sticks, velvet balls, etc., while sending out the "title" password, it shakes the items in front of the cat. When the cat holds the items, immediately use the "good" password and stroke it. Then repeat the password of "vomiting". When the cat spit out the items, feed some food to reward. After many training, when the owner issues a "title" or "vomiting" password, the cat will make the corresponding title or spit out the items. The second step is the training of the whole set of actions. The trainer first shakes the cat or spit out in front of the cat to attract the attention of the cat, and then throw this item to a few meters away, and then use your fingers to send a "title" password to the cat, so that the cat makes the cat. Take the title. If the cat does not go, the trainer should pull the cat to go and repeat the "title" password, and at the same time point to the items. After the cats live in the items, the trainer issues a "come" password. When the cat returns to the trainer, the "vomit" password is issued. After the cat spit out the items, the food reward should be given immediately. This repeated cat will be the title.

Don't hesitate, only you have the patience, and you often train cats. The above cats can also be done well.Go and train your cat into a little star!Believe me, cats will never be stupid than dogs!