It is important to ensure that dogs eat scientifically.

It is important to ensure that dogs eat scientifically.

Dogs are like family and friends for human beings. Of course, we must take care of our family and friends. The most important thing to take care of dogs is to give it a balanced and scientific diet, so as to ensure that the dog loves healthy and healthy.

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If the dog is not feeding, it will cause malnutrition and the harm is very large:

Lack of nutrients does not easily grow normally. The whole body may be smaller and fragile than other dogs. Skeletal development is abnormal, and X and O -shaped legs appear, which can easily induce hip diseases. In addition, malnutrition dogs will also have problems with their fur growth. The hair grows uneven, the hair is rough and lustrous, and the skin is rough and without elasticity.

Dogs are also unfavorable:

1. Causes kidney disease : Dogs eat too much fat, obesity, and protein, which is prone to kidney disease. If the dog has already had kidney disease, it should strictly control the intake of protein and help the dog recover as soon as possible.

2. Dogs are difficult to produce : Excess nutrition, easy to produce. Especially VIPs, sausage dogs, Beijing, Spanish small hounds, etc. need to pay more attention. Dogs eat too much nutritional food, making the fetus oversupply and unable to produce smoothly.

Editor's reminder : The nutritional health of dogs and people is not particularly different. If pet dogs are malnourished or excessive nutrition, they will affect their healthy growth. Therefore, parents should pay attention to scientifically feeding dogs, and the amount of feeding must not be too much or too much, and at the same time, they cannot ignore the nutritional needs of the dog itself.

It is important to ensure that dogs eat scientifically.
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Correctly breeding dogs need to supplement the following basic nutrition:

1. Water : The indispensable ingredients of activities in all parts of dogs.

2. Protein : Physical development and recovery.

3. Carbohydrate : Supplement heat.

4. Fat : Supplement heat, protect the cortex and be healthy.

5. Vitamins and minerals : Provide vitamins and minerals required for basic chemical reactions in the body.

6. Fiber : Make the gastrointestinal digestion of normal fiber.

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How to ensure a balanced diet?

1. Dog food : Dog food contains sufficient nutrients, and the quality of food is excellent. The variety of ingredients of these foods is extremely large and easy to use. There are two types of dog food-complete and supplementary types. Fully type can provide a balanced diet, while supplementary foods need to be used with other specific foods, such as canned biscuit mixtures.

2. Homemade food : Feeding dogs should be gradually added to eat different foods to make different foods, so that the dog's digestive system should adapt to this new food. Meat, eggs, cheese, and bread are usually used as foods for dogs. If these foods constitute most of dog foods, some vitamins and minerals must be supplemented.

3. Bone : For dogs, bones are important calcium sources, because the bones are delicious, and they can exercise their jaws, clean their teeth, and can also be used for its abolishment time. It should be noted that the puppies can only be given the bone marrow, because the bone marrow will not be bitten into sharpness like bones, causing the puppies to be damaged. Never give dog bones, rabbit bones, pork ribs, fishbone and sheep bones in barbecue.

Editor's reminder : No matter what kind of food you choose for your dog, you must ensure that it has sufficient drinking water at any time. This is the most basic needs of a dog. Neglected.

All in all, feeding dogs seems simple and tedious. The dog owner should pay attention to strengthening the dog's diet management. Guarantee the normal healthy growth of pet dogs through a scientific diet!