Is dog forward training useful?

Is dog forward training useful?

In fact, the training has been implemented long ago. I believe that the owner who knows this knowledge knows what is positive training. To some extent, dogs are completely like a piece of paper that is not painted. It is the responsibility of the owner. The good dog trained by the master will definitely be sensible and obedient. If the owner is not well trained, the dog's personality or habit is also very headache.

There are many ways to train dogs or caused by the communication between the Internet and friends. But most of them are around one way, that is, positive training. Then let's officially introduce positive training for everyone.

What is positive training?

Is dog forward training useful?

In terms of simpler and easy to understand, it is needed. The owner and their own dogs establish a reward and punishment mechanism of positive and negative feedback, allowing their own dogs to complete the owner's designated order.

What is positive feedback and negative feedback?

To put it simply, after the dog is doing a behavior, some positive responses from the owner, such as encouragement or rewards, so that the dog will continue this habit or action next time. These rewards are usually some food toys that their dogs love to eat, or some bodies or verbal rewards. This is positive feedback. It is a relatively positive cycle. The dogs will continue to do so when they are encouraged or rewarded. After doing so, you will be rewarded and encouraged. Then continue. This is a kind of positive circulation. positive.

When the owner sees that his dog has made some bad, he needs to use some punishment, and even some violent means to correct it. In this way, your own dogs stop doing bad things. This is negative feedback. And negative feedback is generally two methods: control and control. Many parents will directly use violence to make their dogs succumb to themselves. To put it simply, this method is not training your own dogs at all, but a kind of oppression.

How to correctly use positive training?

Parents must keep calm when training their dogs, and have enough patience. Let your dogs agree with your heart from your heart. It should be noted here that do not obtain through violence. Dog's recognition. In this way, the dog recognizes that it is its owner. Not sincere.

In fact, dogs know not particularly much about our world, and parents need to guide their dogs to do the right thing correctly. Parents should use their own position to make their dogs adapt to the surrounding environment. Moreover, let the dog know what it can do and nothing. For example, you can't hurt others at will.