How to train cats to be obedient and clever?

How to train cats to be obedient and clever?

How to train cats to be obedient and clever?


Cats are naughty and destructive as dogs. Cats have very sharp claws. It is common for some cats to scratch sofas and furniture. Some cats are clingy and like to go to bed secretly, which may cause some health risks

I. What to do if the cat is disobedient

1. Ways to stop kittens from going to bed

Whenever it goes to bed, it will lie down and face it, stare at it, and make the kind of sound of "um..." in the throat, which is the kind of sound that usually warns each other to demonstrate when cats fight each other.

That sound is hard to learn, but very useful.

Then he raised his hand again and gestured to hit her; or at the same time made a sth sound and blew into her nostrils.

Or reach out, in a cat-scratching gesture, with a quick touch over her paws, nose, skull, and she promises to scare away.

Of course, you should try to pretend to be intimidating to it (the more simulated it is like an adult big cat fighting for territory, the better), and no friendly gestures such as laughing or tickling are allowed.

2. How to deal with cats' picky eaters

When the cat is picky eater, the owner points to the food and watches it eat.

If you don't eat, you should be hungry.

3. Ways to deal with cat disturbance

Take it to the scene of the accident, point at what it damaged, pat its paws, and say something reproachful.

The next time you do damage, if you are touched by the owner on the spot, you will yell at it loudly.

Physical abuse can also correct bad habits, but cats can become timid and fearful.

Do not abuse the above spiritual admonition, otherwise the cat will become very afraid of the owner.

Cats are smart animals, they should be petted often and fed some delicious food as a reward, and she will kiss the owner.

But when cats are picky eaters and make trouble, be sure to let them understand and give proper admonitions.

Don't let it swear when it doesn't know what it is, it will not know what wrong it has made, and it will look very aggrieved.

The most important thing is not to spank and belly, pat on the forehead and nose lightly, the cat will understand that you are reprimanding it.

Second, how to train cats

The best time to train a cat to be obedient is 2-3 months after the cat is born. This is the period when the cat's body is fully developed and the character is formed. For this reason, the cat at this stage is the easiest to receive training.

In the process of training, it is best for trainers to adopt a combination of various training methods.

For training cats, the owner's training method is very important. Often the owner's attitude is more important than the training method. During the training process, the owner must maintain a tolerant and understanding attitude towards the cats, give the cats time, and let them slowly