How to supplement calcium scientifically for pet dogs.

How to supplement calcium scientifically for pet dogs.

How to supplement calcium scientifically for pet dogs.
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Calcium is very important for dogs. However, not all dogs are suitable for calcium supplement. Moreover, calcium supplementation must also pay attention to scientific methods. Otherwise, it is not good for the dog's body.

What kind of dogs need calcium supplement?

First of all, the elder dog must be supplemented by calcium. The reason is like the elderly need to supplement calcium. Due to the degradation of physiological functions and the impact of the disease, the old dog has a decrease in the absorption of calcium, so the loss of calcium in the body seriously affects the strength of the bones.

Followed by the pregnant female dog, calcium supplement. Due to a number of babies in the body, the amount of calcium is increased sharply, and the daily diet of the female dog cannot provide so much calcium. At this time, the additional calcium intake should be increased.

Dogs that eat the same rice as humans need calcium supplement. Because in a human diet structure, it is not possible to meet its needs for dogs, so it is necessary to add extra calcium. But if you eat dog food, you don't need to supplement calcium.

There is also a dog that needs calcium supplement, that is, stray dogs. Dogs that have long wanders outside for a long time, due to the nutrition and unevenness in the diet, the body is seriously losing money, especially in lack of calcium.

Two. Calcium supplement should be appropriate

The current living conditions are good, and the owners also care about the dogs. The owner who is always worried about the dog deficiency of the dog keeps eating calcium powder for the dog, resulting in too much calcium in the dog. Don't think that only calcium deficiency can cause illness, and excessive calcium supplementation will cause damage to the dog's body.

1. Excess calcium supplement

Dog food is configured after the nutritional research of experts, and the nutritional components cover all the nutrients needed for all dog growth. If you eat dog food, add calcium powder and mineral feed, which will cause excessive calcium and cause a serious burden on the dog.

Excessive calcium in the body will not only be absorbed by the body, but also cause many diseases. For example, hip structure disorders, segmentation cartilaitis, hypertrophic cartilage dysplasia, deformation of the radial bone of the forelimb, and non -orthopedic diseases such as stones, skin calcium, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, kidney disease and many more.

According to research, about the hip structure disorder, dogs who have eaten calcium powder are much earlier than dogs that have not been eaten, and the symptoms are more serious after the onset. Calcium can promote bone growth, but it cannot promote the rapid growth of muscles with bones. When the bone grows quickly, the muscles cannot keep up, and pull the femoral head out of the joint nest, causing the structural changes in the hip joint, and changes in orthopedic mechanics. In addition, the dogs have a large amount of exercise on weekdays, the bones have increased, the hip joints are loosened, the joint nests become narrow, and the femoral head is smoothed. In order to stabilize the joints, the physiological function of animals promotes the formation of bone spines and eventually leads to degenerative arthritis. The occurrence of this disease is irreversible.

2. Calcium deficiency

Many people think that drinking milk can supplement calcium for dogs. People and dogs are not the same. A baby takes about 10 years to reach 60 kilograms. It is enough for a real large dog to be enough. Therefore, if you want to supplement calcium, of course, you are prone to calcium deficiency.

Calcium deficiency will reduce the bone density of the dog, unable to support its increasing weight weight, and it is easy to hurt during exercise.

Three. How to supplement calcium?

1. Eat dog food or canned dogs.

2. The four types of dogs mentioned in the first point should add calcium powder to their diet. Please follow the instructions for the use of doctors and calcium powder.

3. The combination of calcium supplement with the sun (ultraviolet) and moderate exercise, so as to absorb and use better.