How to prevent dog immune failure

How to prevent dog immune failure

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The success rate of vaccination is very high, but it is not 100 % successful. Whether the vaccination is successful or not depends on many factors, such as the way to vaccine, the quality of the vaccine itself, the immune program, and the physical condition of the dog. Therefore, it is not to say that as long as the dog can get immunity, it is inevitable that the failure of vaccination is also inevitable. What we can do is to prevent it as much as possible.

Reasons for the failure of vaccination

First, caused by your body

Because there are many types of dogs, and there are certain differences in their own bodies, even if dogs of the same variety of different individuals are not consistent with the immune response of the same vaccine. Some dogs even have natural immune defects, so vaccination failure will occur.

2. Lack of Nutritional Elements

Cell immunity and body fluid immunity requires certain nutrients. Nutritional lack or deficiencies, especially when vitamin A, D, B, E, and various trace elements and full -cost protein deficiency will affect the generation speed or number of immune antibodies, which leads to the lag or immune response ability of immune response or immune response ability Falling causes immunity failure.

Three, poor vaccine quality

Use the vaccine and vaccine produced by the informal biological products factories unqualified or poor quality; the use of expired vaccines; the vaccine cannot guarantee low temperature conditions during transportation and storage, which reduces the vaccine titer; Dedicated by the sunlight direct irradiation or removal time, the vaccine activity was reduced; the freezing and dry vaccine was diluted without special dilution liquid, and the vaccine was not used up within the prescribed time after dilution, which caused the stability of the vaccine. Inaccurate dosage, etc., can affect the cost and immune effect of the vaccine, and even cause immunity failure.


It usually has a fixed cycle for helping dog injection vaccines, but many main owners are due to their own work or other related factors, which causes the time and prescribed time interval of the dog injection vaccine. The vaccine inoculation failed.

Five, existing latent infections

Many dogs may have been infected with the virus before vaccination, but the disease is only in the incubation period. After the vaccine is injected, the dog's immunity will decrease for a while, and the virus will explode by the gap, resulting in the vaccination failure.

How to prevent dog immune failure
Multi-supplement nutritional elements

How to deal with immune failure

1. Strengthen nutrition management to ensure nutritional balance

Strengthen breeding management, try to use dog food as a dog's staple food, pay attention to the supply of protein nutrition, adapt to a variety of trace elements such as vitamin A, B, C, D, E, etc., reduce various stress factors, properly repeat, vaccination vaccine, vaccination vaccine It is necessary to deal with it properly to prevent dogs from being frightened, enhance physical fitness, and improve the resistance and immunity of dogs to diseases.

2. Reasonable medication

Based on the nature and symptoms of the disease, and the severity of the disease, the drug is rationally selected to avoid random use of abuse of drugs. Do not use disinfection, antibiotics, antibiotics, antibody and antiviral drugs within a few days before and after vaccination. Reasonable selection of immune promoters such as levicidazole, percal seedlings, interferon, etc. to enhance the immune effect. Be careful with glucocorticoids, cytotoxic drugs and sex hormones to avoid harm to immune organs and immune cells, and affect immune response.

3. Crying according to the correct immunity

According to the age of the dog, it is inoculated at the right time, and it cannot be separated from the prescribed vaccination time in time, otherwise it will easily cause the vaccine to fail.

4. Select regular immunity

In strict accordance with the immunization path recommended by the vaccine manufacturer, the correct immunization method is used to vaccinate, the dilution liquid attached to the vaccine, and the correct dilution of the vaccine to ensure that the vaccination is in place and accurate dose to ensure the immune effect.

Although we cannot completely avoid immune failure, we can prevent this to the greatest extent. Try to pay attention to immune precautions and avoid errors in the process of immunity.