How to deal with Tibetan mastiff vomiting How to deal with Tibetan mastiff vomiting

How to deal with Tibetan mastiff vomiting How to deal with Tibetan mastiff vomiting

What do Tibetan mastiff vomit? We all know that Tibetan mastiff is a dog living in a high -cold area. If it is raised in the family, it needs to pay special attention to its breeding environment and feeding methods. If it is not feeding or wrong, it is easy to cause Tibetan mastiff vomiting. Today, the editor of will talk about how Tibetan mastiff vomits and what to do if Tibetan mastiff vomit. Let's take a look together.

What to do if Tibetan Mastiff vomit: Observe vomit

If the dog's vomit is a food that has just been eaten, it may not be completely digested yet. There are several phenomena that may easily cause this phenomenon. The first is that the food is not digested. It may be that food is not suitable for dogs, and the fourth may be that the utensils are unhygienic.

What to do if Tibetan Mastiff vomit 2: Prefest for illness

If the Tibetan mastiff is not so vomiting, you can rest assured. Maybe it is something that is not clean and licks into some hair, which causes vomiting; if the dog is vomiting caused by gastritis, then parents You will definitely find that the dog will have symptoms of excessive body temperature. At this time, you must take it to see the veterinarian for diagnosis.

What to do if Tibetan mastiff vomit three: the time of vomiting

Parents must carefully remember every time it vomit. If it says more than two vomiting a month, then there must be a problem with the dog's body. You must take it for treatment. Small virus or dog plague, or enteritis.

How to deal with Tibetan mastiff vomiting How to deal with Tibetan mastiff vomiting

How to treat Tibetan mastiff vomit

1. Fasting: Once you find that the puppy's gastrointestinal is overloaded and vomiting occurs. As long as they are allowed to take them on an empty stomach for 24 hours, most of them can restore the original normal function of the gastrointestinal. If you are still vomiting after 24 hours, you will take it to see a doctor!

2. Moisturizing: When the puppy no longer vomits fiercely, the owner can encourage them to drink plenty of water to avoid the pet dehydration.

3. Proper supplement: After fasting all day, the Tibetan mastiff's stomach must be hungry. At this time, don't let the puppy make up, otherwise all the effort and patience will be in vain.

4. Cover the toilet: In order to avoid the thirsty puppy looking for water everywhere, the owner must remember to cover the toilet lid before leaving the toilet, so as not to find them in an oasis in the desert in the toilet. At the same time, drink a lot of dirty things.

5. Mild food: In order to allow their gastrointestinals to slowly return to normal functions, the owner can feed puppies with professional gastrointestinal canned cans. After a day, if they do not have vomiting or other discomfort, they can slightly increase the amount of feeding.

6. Normal eating: After feeding the food for two days, and after the puppy's reaction is normal, the owner can start adjusting the original food. However, it is recommended to replace only a quarter of old food every day. After four days, let the puppy eat it back to the previous food.

Through the article, I believe that everyone knows what to do with Tibetan mastiff vomiting. If the Tibetan mastiff does not have serious illnesses, then the pet owner can fast on your own Tibetan mastiff. Generally, it is fast for 12 hours when puppies. One hour, but it must be provided with water. The big dog must be 200 ml each time, puppy, 50-100 ml each time. If the dog finished drinking soon, the same water can be given within half an hour, but it should not be given immediately.