How to deal with dogs after they die?

How to deal with dogs after they die?

Malzis dog (detail introduction)

Pets are increasing, but there are not many people who raise them healthy and reasonable. In Chinese dogs accidentally or sick, they do not need to do grand funerals. Generally, the method of dealing with dogs and corpses Throwing the trash can, buried the soil, eating, burning, cremation, etc. Is this processing method really good for dogs? Is it responsible for others to other dogs?

Dogs who usually die in the disease are mainly dying from canine plague, small virus, adenovirus infection, and human beasts. Most of the cats died in cat plague, and most cats carry parasites, such as tapeworms, fleas, fleas, fleas Essence

"After the pet corpses are buried, some pathogens will die naturally, but some pathogens can survive in the bone marrow of the corpse for a year, and the spores can survive in the soil for several years. This is a huge threat to the environment. Especially easy to pollute the water source. "

Editor's suggestion: If the pet carcass is buried, be sure to stay away from the water source to avoid pollution at least 50 meters away from the well, the spring, and the river. When burial, the depth of the animal body is at least half a meter from the surface layer. On the corpse of the animal, it should be covered with lime or more than 20%concentration. For products that have been used for sick pets, they should be soaked with a bleaching powder solution of more than 5%or 0.2%to 0.5%concentration, which can achieve the effect of completely disinfection.

Disclose the dead pet, although the corpse is eventually incinerated in the dump, in the process, it may cause pathogenic transmission at any time, which will cause pollution to water, air, and soil. Infectious pathogens on animal corpses, especially human beasts, can bring danger at any time and the environment at any time, and solve the best and thorough way to solve this pathogenic pollution should be cremation.

However, there are still a few owners of pet corpses. In addition to the cost of cremation, there is also an important reason that people do not have the concept of harmless treatment of animal corpses. "The best harmless treatment is cremation. For germs, viruses and parasites carried on pets, cremation is the most thorough disinfection method. Burning and discarding will have potential impact on the environment."

How to deal with dogs after they die?

At present, there are already cremation in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities. Beijing Daxing Huangya Nursery Small Animal Memorial Forests on the forest more than 2,000 acres of land, each small tree seedlings are buried in the ashes of cats and dogs. The Chinese Small Animal Protection Association has now rescued more than 1,000 small animals. After they died, they were sent here for cremation and ashes. The staff of the small animal commemorative Lin believes that this method not only allows animals to return to nature, but also helps the cycle of organic matter in the environment.

In some countries, pet corpses have clear regulations:

Pet corpses in some countries have strict regulations. First of all, pet corpses should be identified by veterinarian to detect whether they have infectious diseases. Pets with infectious diseases must be cremated. For burial animals, the location is clearly stipulated and cannot be landed anywhere. The size and depth of the pit must be determined according to the length of the animals.

According to relevant reports, the pet funeral industry has formed a mature industry abroad. For example, there are about 11 million pets in the UK, and the output value of the pet market every year is as high as 3.5 billion pounds. The pet funeral industry can provide services such as cremation, coffin, pet cemetery and condolence card. In Japan, there are not only pet cremation, pet funerals and pet cemeteries, but also temples dedicated to pets.

Therefore, when the dog's most reasonable treatment method is cremated after the death of a dog. If you live in the small city without a pet cremation field and your conditions are allowed, you can bring a pet body to other cities to cremate such as Shanghai and Beijing. The services there are relatively thoughtful, with cremation, ashes, and grave. Of course, these are considered when your economic conditions permit.