How to deal with canine glaucoma

How to deal with canine glaucoma

Dog glaucoma

Greening eye and cataract are common eye diseases for dogs. If you treat as soon as possible, you may get better control and treatment. Once you delay too long, you may cause severe complications, which will invert the dog blindness. Blind is not the main pain. What is even more painful is that not treated in time cause the dog's eyes to press height, which will cause great discomfort to them. Therefore, it is important to understand the relevant symptoms of Qingguangye and find it in time.

1. Dogs with glaucoma related symptoms

The so -called glaucoma refers to a disease that can cause an eye pressure and affect vision. Animals with glaucoma clinically manifested as congestion of conjunctiva and sclera (white eyeballs); eyelid spasm (squinting eyes); eyeballs are prominent (not all dogs in the early stage, but in the later period of all dogs in the later period, all dogs are all dogs in the later period There are such symptoms); corneal edema (black eyeballs whiten); pupils are scattered (eyes are linked); eye pressure increases (100%dogs will appear); mental depression (mainly caused by pain and discomfort).

2. How to know the pain of the dog's eye

The pain of dogs after glaucoma is not obvious, but when the eye pressure of the dog's intraocular pressure is increased, there are generally some abnormal moves. For example, many high -eye pressure animals will show more time and quieter time than in the past, and sometimes they may also show abnormal irritability or aggressiveness. The emergence of these abnormal behaviors should attract our attention. The reason why dogs are unwilling to move are that the increase in blood pressure in the process has led to the continued increase in intraocular pressure. Therefore, the dog will control their own movements, and most of the time stays silently on the ground.

Three, the consequences of glaucoma

Clast -ups are the "terminal illness" of ophthalmology, especially in the ophthalmology of animals. If the treatment is not timely, it will cause irreversible retina and optic nerve damage, which will eventually lead to the occurrence of animal blindness. At the same time, glaucoma can also cause many complications, such as ureaitis, corneal endothelials, cataracts, lens abnormalities, and corneal ulcers.

How to deal with canine glaucoma
Do not try to treat it yourself, send it to the hospital for examination and treatment in time

4. How to judge

Eye pressure is the only measuring instrument that needs. At present, the clinically used intraocular pressure meters include Xuz's intraocular pressure meter, Tonopen intraoculated, Tonovet intraocular pressure meter, and the normal intraocular pressure is 10-20mmHg.

Five, is the treatment of glaucoma drugs effective

In the early days of the disease, most glaucoma can be controlled by drugs, but there are not many hospitals that can be measured in animal pressure on animals in China. Therefore, most dogs cannot be observed in the early days of glaucoma. The eyeballs are prominent or the eyeballs become larger or the pupils are scattered. At this time, the drug control is not very effective. In the end, there may be only the method of choosing surgery, so it is better not to think about treatment by yourself, otherwise it may only delay the condition.

Six, the surgical method of glaucoma

When the dog is not blind, you can use glaucoma drainage valve to be implanted, and artificially create a channel to flow out of the water to reduce the purpose of eye pressure. When the dog's vision is lost, we can adopt righteous eye planting Investment, ciliary frozen, or chemical drugs destroy ciliary body and eyeball removal. However, different methods also have their own advantages and disadvantages, or it is necessary to determine which method to use according to the dog's situation.