How to apply eyedrops to dogs?

How to apply eyedrops to dogs?

How to apply eyedrops to dogs?
Severe problems go to the hospital for treatment

Eye is a very fragile and sensitive part, and eye problems are also a problem with many dogs. For simple inflammation, we can use medicine to help them recover, but the way to apply for medicine must be correct, otherwise the effort will be half the effort.

1. Good guarantee to stay in the dog

If the dog's temper is not bad, then a person is not very troublesome to operate. But if the dog does not cooperate, you must find someone to keep the dog for medicine.

2. Do basic inspections

Pick up the dog's head, open the dog's eyes with both thumbs, observe the condition of the eyes, and see if there is a red area. In order to see the part in the upper eyelid, gently cut the upper eyelid with your thumb. The white part is a sclera with small capillaries on the surface.

The abnormal abnormalities of sclera include: thickening of blood vessels; congestion (suspected coagulation system disorder); yellow dye (caused by jaundice). Putting the eyelids further, you can see the pink tissue. This is the conjunctiva. The depth of the conjunctival color of the healthy animal should be the same as the gums ~

The abnormalities of conjunctiva include: light pink (suspected anemia); yellow stain (caused by jaundice); congestion (suspected coagulation system disorder). The abnormalities of iris include: jagged edges (caused by aging, iris atrophy); iris hyperplasia; dark spots on the iris; blood spots on the iris.

The pupils are black spots in the middle of the eyes. The cat's pupil is oval, and the dog is round. The size of the two pupils should be the same, and when there is light stimulation, it will be shrunk into a seam. The pupil is a hole in the center of the iris. After the crystal body is clear, because the crystal is clear and is not visible in healthy animals.

The abnormalities that may occur in the pupils include blue (due to changes in the color of the crystal, indicating that cataract or aging, called nuclear hardening); the size of the pupils varies; the jagged edge (can be caused by aging).

For simple inflammation, we can use the corresponding eye ointment or eye drops. After Baoding held the dog, the operator grabbed one hand with the dog's mouth, then gently pulled the eyelids, and then dripped into the eye paste or eye drops. Don't poke the bottle into the dog's eyes. After dripping the medicine, the dog close the eyes, then massage the eyes, so that the drug is evenly distributed in all parts of the eyes. During this period, wearing a hood to prevent the dog from scratching his eyes.