How about neutering the bull terrier?

How about neutering the bull terrier?

How about neutering the bull terrier?
Bull head stalk (detail introduction)

On the question of whether the bull head stalk is breeding and whether the sterilization is sterilized, "benevolent see the benevolent and wisdom", and different parents have different views. Of course, with the advancement of science and technology, people's understanding of dogs is increasingly more and more detailed. The question of whether the bull head stalk is sterilized cannot be taken one aspect. Of course, there is two sides of the bull head stalks.

Whether the bull head stalk needs sterilization, it also needs to be determined according to the purpose of raising the bull head stalk and the actual situation of the family environment. To put it simply, if the bull head stalk is raised as a race dog, then sterilization is absolutely impossible. If it is raised as a general pet dog, then you must decide according to your actual living conditions. Of course, a master's thoughts and attitudes are also very critical.

When you can endure a series of "troubles" caused by the estrus, you can not perform sterilization surgery for the dog; if you want the bull head stalk to become quiet and sensible, avoid the trouble caused by estrus, Then you can perform sterilization surgery for bull head stalks.

The bull head stalk is good or bad or it should be considered from two aspects:

Some parents believe that sterilization of bull head stalks is a cruel behavior, and at the same time, it also deprives the dog's right to reproduce offspring. This is unfair, inhuman for the bull head stalk.

However, some parents believe that giving bull head stalks can avoid the trouble caused by estrus. For example, urine everywhere, crazy barking, and so on. It can also avoid increasing traffic dogs in society due to excessive reproduction. At the same time, the probability of breeding diseases after sterilization will also be reduced.

Whether to give bull head stalks is not completely absolute. As parents, they should clearly recognize the advantages and disadvantages of dog sterilization, and whether they really need it. Don't blindly give menut stem sterilization, but at the same time, you must also treat dog sterilization correctly and comprehensively.