Harm of eating cold food for dogs

Harm of eating cold food for dogs

Harm of eating cold food for dogs
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Summer is approaching, eating cold drinks at high temperature is really happy. Usually, when parents eat, they have stared at you with a small eyes who are desperate. The dogs can speak out. Most parents could not refuse their little, and generously feed the ice cream, popsicles, and ice soda to the dogs. In fact, too much consumption of cold drinks is very unfavorable to the health of the dog.

Puppies have bad symptoms after eating cold drinks: The gastrointestinal effect of dogs and stomach has the effect of absorbing food. Gastrointestinal mucosa is a barrier to protect the gastrointestinal and intestines.

After the dog eats excessive cold drinks, the gastrointestinal mucosa is damaged and causes inflammation or ulcers. Therefore, when the dog eats cold drinks, it will feel abdominal discomfort, appetite reduces appetite, and even vomit and diarrhea. In severe cases, dogs can be dehydrated and acidic.

What to do with dog discomfort? Your dog has symptoms of excessive cold drinks, and you need to fast for a day.

Feed the dog liquid or prescription canned food.

When dogs vomit and dehydrate significantly, some electrolytes should be appropriately supplemented.

If they have severe abdominal pain, go to the hospital to ask a doctor to take a need to sedate the pain.