Don't ignore the dog's teeth.

Don't ignore the dog's teeth.

Don't ignore the dog's teeth.


Many owners may turn a blind eye to their own dental problems, let alone the dog's? In fact, there will be many problems with the dog's teeth. If not treated in time, the dog's life will be seriously affected.

I. Tartar and calculus

Almost every dog ​​over the age of two will have tartar, so veterinarians now recommend that owners brush their dog's teeth from an early age.

Second, caries

Because dogs don't brush their teeth every day like humans, tooth decay is common in dogs.

Three, gingivitis

It is mainly due to the accumulation of food residues and the failure to remove them in time. Because of the proliferation of bacteria, the gums will become inflamed.

4. Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is a very common oral disease that often causes tooth loss in dogs.

Five, broken teeth

Dogs are very fond of biting animals, so it is not surprising that dogs have broken teeth.

Six. Other questions

1. Double row teeth

Double row teeth in dogs are generally caused by calcium deficiency in childhood, the dog's deciduous teeth do not fall off, and the permanent teeth grow slowly.

2. Misalignment

As long as it does not affect normal life, a slight misalignment of the teeth is not a big deal, and the owner does not need to worry too much.