Dog traction rope big plate point

Dog traction rope big plate point

Dog traction rope big plate point
Samoyed Dog (detail introduction)

It is indispensable to bring a dog out of the traction rope, but now there are many styles of traction ropes in pet shops. How can I choose a traction rope suitable for your dog character? I will introduce the use and advantages and disadvantages of different styles of dog traction ropes for you.

I. The most common use of neck bunches

This sleeve collar is suitable for most dogs. It should be noted that because the dog's neck belongs to a relatively weak part, when the owner makes a movement that closes the traction rope, the stimulus of this type of stimulation of the dog's neck can have a good control control.

The owner can help the dog choose a bright and comfortable neck collaboration, which is not only beautiful but also quite practical! When the owner is helping the dogs, it is necessary to reserve the width of the gap between the two fingers in the middle of the collar and the middle of the dog's neck to avoid being uncomfortable too tight.

Two, Simple Surrounding Eight Characters

Such straps are more suitable for dogs that are thin and weak, and they can follow the owner and not be easily affected by other people. For dogs with weak behavior control ability, long -term use may affect hair growth. Dogs with too lively or emotional stimulus are not recommended to use this type of strap. Because dogs may be easily affected, they can run wildly. The owner can only run with one piece. Actions of behavior.

Three, P -shaped iron chain usage point

Because its shape is very similar to the word "P", this iron chain is generally called "P Chain". It looks like it is trapped by the below -shaped image, which has a bondage effect on too good active and disobedient dogs. When the dog is obedient, the chain will appear loose; if the dog is constantly trying to desperately rush forward, the chain will immediately close.

Because the chain is a metal material, compared to the general collar, the level of control is relatively stronger. Therefore, before using it, the owner must understand the method and exercise carefully, otherwise it will easily hurt the dog.

Four, the training of the mouth wearing

This device comes from the horses of the horse and belongs to a very good dog control ring rope. According to the principle of animal behavior, it imitates the words between dogs and dogs, and has special training equipment with warning, control, and soothing signals.

When the owner helps dogs wearing Headcollar, you should pay attention to the position that holds the neck and is not the throat, but the roots of the chin. In addition, when the dog starts to wear it, it will be less accustomed to the rope on the nose. After training, it will gradually adapt.

Five, semi -control comprehensive style collar

This semi -control collar is the binding structure of the collar and the P chain. Therefore, the control force strength and comfort level are just among the two. The owner can choose out of the outsourced supplies suitable for them according to the characteristics of pet bias.