Do you understand the label of pet food?

Do you understand the label of pet food?

Do you understand the label of pet food?
Pentian (detail introduction)

At present, our Chinese pet food has no uniform pet food label standard for the time being. Feed products with close relatives have clear feed label standards, and on October 10, 2013, the standardization technology of the China Feed Industry Association and the National Feed Industry Standardization Technology The Secretariat of the Committee jointly released the latest version of the feed label standard GB10648-2013. Since then, the GB 10648-1999 version officially withdrawn from the historical stage. The new label will be officially implemented on July 1, 2014. The feed label will enter the new new ones. A standard era.

Since it is a close relative, let's take a look at the appearance of this close relative, because I predict that China's pet food labels in the future may also bring the genes of this relative. GB10648-2013 Feed labeling standard is revised and developed on the GB 10648-1999 version. On the basis of the original basis, such as adding the definition of feed, feed raw materials, feed additives, etc. The terms and definitions of the "net content" instead of the improvement of many contents such as "net content". Among the basic principles of this feed label standard, one I think will affect the current pet food (especially pet prescription grains), that is, in the new label standard Or the content of the role of animal diseases ", which is a challenge to pet prescription food, because according to the current dried food of pet food, pet dry grains packaging products with various functions of" clear printing "are overwhelming Large enterprises, if China's pet food labels in the future also put forward similar regulations, do not know how much packaging items will be reported to those companies. Of course, I think there is such a requirements for such requirements. Objectively speaking, the current promotional content of pet food packaging and pet food labeling labels is a bit "excessive". It is no less than the health care products industry many years ago. Because of these mixed product labels, pet consumers will inevitably fall into a dilemma. In the face of such chaotic overpackings, it is really difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the product. At the same time, this also gives some small parts who do not comply with the rules (there are bad people among the masses) with the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity, and more energy and money are invested in the wording and exaggerated publicity. The quality of the inner quality is left, and even the speculative psychology of "whether he is just daring to write on the packaging". Over time, the extreme false and exaggerated on pet food labels will make pet consumers feel a kind of proper feeling. Slowly, they will lose trust in our own pet food, thereby bringing the pet food industry to extinguish the top of the top disaster. Therefore, if such regulations really appear in China's pet food labels in the future, they will definitely agree with both hands. Of course, this one will not allow pets to have no way to go. It can be classified as "feed products that add drug feed additives". The words, and the general name of the drug feed additives that must be indicated, and precautions such as the effective component content of the Chinese drug feed additives of the product, and the recipe period.

Because pet food in my country is completely imported, it is inherited too many foreign genes. Everyone prefers "overall words, some foreign texts" in packaging, so I often ask "pet food packaging or pet food labels of pet food labels The question of being able to print in English ", the answer to this question also found the answer in this newly released feed label standard. At the 4th point of" basic requirements "at the last paragraph, it should be used to use standardized Chinese characters. , You can use the corresponding relationship with the Chinese Pinyin and other texts at the same time.

The world's pet food originated from the United States, so Chinese pet food seems to have been flowing in the United States in the body. China's pet food label (not only the label of pet food) has always been on the way to go, and our pet food label has not been label. More reference from Chinese feed labels, but chose the form and content of American pet foods far away from the other side of the ocean. Pet food labels in the United States, including pet food labels in many countries in the world, basically choose and learn from Aafco (The Association of American Feed Control Office, the American Feed Management Association The Association of American). The supervision and management of the Food and Drug Administration of the Drug Administration, and some states have used the management methods of pet food labels that they have developed. The FDA has very detailed rules for pet food labels, including the name of pet food products, guarantee analysis, composition list, guarantee analysis, sufficient nutritional statement, feeding direction, heat, and net content statement. The FDA's provisions and instructions for pet food labels are relatively detailed. For example, the understanding and explanation of "applicable to all life stages", which is mentioned that if a product is marked with "full nutrition pet book", it is not clearly famous Suitable for a specific physiological phase, such as adult dogs or puppies, it will be default to be suitable for all physiological stages. Nutrition standards should meet the most stringent nutritional requirements, and high -level nutrition It is not completely needed, but it will not cause healthy damage to adult pets. From the side explanation, I answered many pet enthusiasts often ask me about "all dogs (cats) foods?"

I personally think that the most valuable of them is the correct explanation and explanation of the "natural" grains that have been questioned and tragic in the Chinese pet food industry. The FDA's "Other Label Claims" in "Conventional Pet Food Tags" in "Conventional Pet Food Tags" " Mentioned this sensitive topic -many pet food packaging and labels will be printed on the labels such as "high -quality", and some "particular high quality", even "super high -quality", and some products on the labels on the label Touting yourself is "Super Food Meal" and so on. In fact, no matter how they beautify themselves, how to stick to themselves, and in the choice of raw materials for pet food, there is no need to add any additional heights that are superior to other ordinary nutrients products. Quality ingredients. In other words, "high -quality", "ultra -quality", and "high -quality stay" are all clouds, which is a legend. The internal raw material components are no different from those pet foods that have not written these words. At the same time, "Natural" is often used in the tall term that is often used in the name of pet food label products. The FDA is clearly defined- "Natural" pet food can be understood as an artificial synthetic flavors, which does not contain artificially artificially artificially artificially artificially artificially artificially contains artificial artificial artificially. The synthetic pigment and artificial synthetic preservative pet food, but the FDA also acknowledged that the term "natural" was not yet officially defined. At the same time, the FDA also added a paragraph in the description. When it comes to "natural" cannot be equivalent to "organic", "organic" refers to the growth conditions of plants or animals. At present The product labeling of pet food ", but USDA (USDA) is also studying relevant regulations, considering what pet foods meet the" organic pet food "standard requirements.

Passing the latest Chinese feed label standards, and guidance of pet food label standards given by the US FDA, we can see that whether in China or in the United States, pet food is receiving more attention. In recent years Frequent problems have also forced us to improve and standardize our pet food as soon as possible. Under such pressure and rapid development, the standard of Chinese pet food labels will come sooner or later.


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Article Source: Pet nutritionist Wang Tianfei Pet Science Exchange