Do you know the dog's winter depression?

Do you know the dog's winter depression?

Dogs will suffer from winter depression? Do you feel difficult to understand? That's right, dogs are also melancholy, and there are not a few dogs with winter depression. Parents must take good care of the dogs in winter, let the dogs away from melancholy, and pass the winter happily.

Do you know the dog's winter depression?
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Dogs are mainly manifested in winter depression that they do not make meclocking, do not like activities, and lose their appetite. Even the favorite walks in the past cannot make them cheer up. Winter is here, and the owner of the dog should work hard to prevent their health from cold and humid invasion.

In the long -sunshine, the winter will affect the amount of exercise of the dog, and the cold may also increase the arthritis of the old and weak dogs. But as long as you master some common sense and pay attention to it, the dog can spend the severe winter healthy and happy.

People often mistakenly think that dogs drink less water in winter. In fact, the weather is dry in winter, or the air is hot and dry due to the indoor heating, so you should ensure that the dog can drink clean water at any time.

In winter, pay attention to keep warm. Under normal circumstances, the natural "equipment" of dogs, coupled with a warm and dry nest, can cope with winter. But those fur are thin and short, such as gray hunting dogs, or diseases with arthritis, should wear special winter clothes. The dog's nest should be far away from the wind, keep warm and dry, and keep a distance from the ground.

Raising any dogs outdoors is not only harmful to their health, but also against their desire to accompany others. The second is to persist in exercise to maintain regular exercise, which is especially important in winter. When the dog is walking out in rainy weather, remember to put it in a fittock on it, and completely dry the feet and body after returning home. In particular, the pet dogs who returned from walking back to the feet should be prevented.

It is also important to replenish dogs in winter, especially dogs with a large amount of exercise to adjust the recipes in time to meet the needs of the body. But dogs who have stayed indoors for a long time must be alert to accumulating too much fat when spring arrives.

The most important thing is that the owner should pay close attention to the needs of the dog and try to meet. Increased thick cushions, or buying a beautiful cotton coat, each small kind of good deed will make your dog happier. In the cold winter, dogs can also bring you endless warmth.